Batgirl #2 Review - Leaving Burnside In The Dust

When DC announced that Batgirl would be leaving the charming town of Burnside, I had my doubts [...]

Batgirl 2 Cover
(Photo: DC Comics)

When Batgirl travelled overseas in search of the legendary Fruit Bat, she didn't plan on her friend Kai getting attacked in a public square by a ninja schoolgirl, nor did she expect to actually see the legendary warrior in action, but both happened in a matter of minutes.

Batgirl 2 2
(Photo: DC Comics)

"You can't see the future when the past is standing in your way."

Now it's time to track down just who that unknown assailant was, and why she attacked her old friend, and all she has to go on is a solitary tattoo. That won't be enough to stop Babs though, and Writer Hope Larson delivers a wonderful rendition of the character. Equal parts Funny and anxious, but fully confident in her abilities.

In fact, most of her anxiousness comes courtesy of her friend Kai. He seems earnest, but there is something off about him, and it's appreciated that Larson allows Barbara to be aware of that fact rather than falling into old tropes. Tropes where the lead character ignores every instinct they've honed all these years in an instant when feelings are involved. She's conflicted, yes, but not naive.

Batgirl 2 4
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"They're all hype sweetheart. Spectacle, not sport."

Readers are also introduced to May, who plays the Mick to Barbara's Rocky. While there might be a connection to her gym and the previous assassination attempt, hope is being held out that she will continue to play some sort of role in the series going forward, regardless of what happens as a result of this storyline.

Rafael Albuquerque's work on the book is stellar, and the Singapore setting brilliantly suits his and Dave McCaig's artistic stylings. The pages are full of warm oranges, pinks, and yellow, and are like a breath of fresh air for the bat books that mostly seem to reside in the dark alleyways of Gotham.

Batgirl 4 5
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When DC announced that Batgirl would be leaving the charming town of Burnside, I had my doubts about changing a working formula. So far I'm surprised at how much I'm enjoying Barbara's overseas adventure, and if given a chance you might enjoy it as well.

Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

Written By: Hope Larson

Art By: Rafael Albuquerque

Colors By: Dave McCaig

Lettered By: Deron Bennett