Batman Artist Shares New Tease at the Redesigned Batmobile

Matt Reeves' Batman film is steadily beginning to take shape as the casting of Robert Pattinson as The Dark Knight gives the film its star. But, what will Reeves do to put his spin on Batman's iconic gadgets? When it comes to the Caped Crusader's arsenal, there is no more recognizable tool than the Batmobile. If the crew needs any inspiration, Bryan Hitch has provided some good ideas in his recent sketches on Twitter.

Hitch was careful not to show off any panels that would give away the secrets within his newest project with Warren Ellis, The Batman's Grave. This series follows a version of Bruce Wayne who uses his deduction skills along with an obsessive focus to try and solve some extremely grisly murders. It looks like his newest Batman will be taking car cues from Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice's version of the vehicle.

Pattinson's version will officially pick up the baton from Ben Affleck's and he famously portrayed Bruce Wayne in that film. Somewhere, a design document has ideas laid out for the newest version of Batman's iconic ride. Maybe Hitch's rendition has done enough to be considered among the options. Only time will tell as each of the latest modern iterations has seemed to forge their own path.

A very short history of famous Batmobiles.

The tires are prominent and it seems this Batmobile looks back to some of the lines in vehicles from the 90s versions. Christopher Nolan's take on the car was a straight-up military vehicle converted into Batman's nightly driver, this car tries to edge back toward some of the exotic rides of Batmen past.

The '66 Batmobile was based on the Lincoln Futura and George Barris created the design. Gene Cushenberry handled the necessary modifications duties to fabricate the car. The car has achieved iconic status with its pointed features, long hood, distinctive windshield, and now-retro elements. All of these details helped the '66 version achieve massive staying power with audiences.

Nolan's trilogy based it's Tumbler on Frank Miller's memorable tank-like Batmobile from The Dark Knight Returns. While the concept was presented by Nolan for the film, Nathan Crowley brought The Tumbler to life with his initial scale model design.


When it comes to favorites, though there are a lot to pick from. Ask any Batman fan which is their favorite and you will get a few answers, which might even include the Animated Series Batmobile, Batman 1989 (Tim Burton), and maybe even a Batman Forever thrown in there for good measure.

Which Batmobile is your favorite? Is it one of the ones listed above? Would you like to see something completely different in Matt Reeves’ effort? Let us know in the comments.

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