'Arrow' Costume Designer Shares Batman Beyond Design

That Batman Beyond fandom just will not die! Fans of Batman's future counterpart have long [...]

That Batman Beyond fandom just will not die! Fans of Batman's future counterpart have long believed that the comic book and cartoon saga of Terry McGinnis / Batman Beyond needs to be brought into the live-action format; well, there's one person in the industry who seems to agree: Arrow costume designer Andy Poon:

The exciting thing about this design is that it's not just conceptual; as Poon revealed in the comments, "me and a small team will actually be making this into a real suit for fun".

In the age of social media as mainstream for of marketing, Poon and friends (love that name) could actually gain some kind of traction on a live-action Batman Beyond if their little pet project gets enough shares and likes. There are a lot of ways that someone in Poon's position could transform such a design into a real product, with the two most avenues being:

  1. A Batman Beyond-themed episode of one of the Arrowverse TV series - or even a crossover event between a few or all of them.
  2. An actual live-action Batman Beyond TV series.

Realistically, the two concepts above aren't mutually exclusive; A Batman Beyond event in the Arrowverse could easily be used as a backdoor pilot to a full series, as has been done before.

DC and Warner Bros. have been perennially cagey about allowing the Batman brand onto TV, as there's always the excuse that some other plans in the works prevent Batman from being given a TV-level makeover. Gotham has gotten around that problem by not actually featuring Batman as part of its story, while Batman Beyond would feature a version of Batman in live-action, it would arguably be pretty far and away from anything Warner Bros. has in mind on the film side, unless Matt Reeves upcoming Batman movie is taking a very surprising turn into the Batman Beyond franchise.

Are you DC fans ready for Batman Beyond to be in live-action? How would you want it to happen? Let us know in the comments!

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