Michael Keaton Imagined In Batman Beyond Movie Poster By BossLogic

DC movie fans got the shock of a lifetime yesterday when it was announced that Michael Keaton will [...]

DC movie fans got the shock of a lifetime yesterday when it was announced that Michael Keaton will once again play Batman in The Flash movie, with his Bruce Wayne / Batman acting as a Nick Fury-type for the DCEU. That move has fans buzzing in a big way, while also speculating heavily about DC's next phase of movies. With an aging former Batman actor now returning to the screen, a live-action Batman Beyond movie has never seemed closer to being a reality, and fan artist BossLogic wants to keep that momentum going. Check out a poster for Michael Keaton's Batman Beyond:

"It will eventually happen," is exactly the kind of sentiment that Batman fans are feeling right about now when it comes to the long-awaited fight for Batman Beyond film. The original animated series premiered in 1999, and a lot of fans felt like it was the perfect vision for the next wave of Batman movies that would represent humanity's futuristic hopes for 2000s. Things ultimately went the opposite way, with director Chris Nolan bringing a "grounded" and "realistic" modern vision of Batman in his Dark Knight Trilogy. Despite that, the fan desire for a Batman Beyond movie has steadily burned on. As more characters like Batman and Spider-Man are branching out into becoming multi-platform solo character brands, the futuristic versions of the characters (like Batman Beyond or Spider-Man 2099) are slowly but surely inching their way into the limelight.

Batman Beyond follows an elderly Bruce Wayne who has retired from Batman duty due to health concerns. Bruce becomes a mentor to a young boy named Terry McGinnis, whose father is murdered by the Joker gang, as part of a deeper conspiracy in Gotham. Terry dons a suit of Batman armor that Bruce built and becomes the future's new Batman - first to avenge his father, and then to protect the city and honor the Batman's legacy. Keaton was the star of Tim Burton's Batman (1989) and was a pivotal figure in ushering in Hollywood's era of comic book movie blockbusters. Now he's returning to usher in a whole new era of DC Multiverse movies, and given his age and iconic status, he's the Batman fans deserve in a proper Batman Beyond movie.

Michael Keaton's Batman will return in The Flash, which hits theaters on July 3, 2022.