Batman Confirmed For 'Flashpoint' Movie

Following the Justice League film, a Flashpoint movie is on the horizon for the DC Extended [...]

Following the Justice League film, a Flashpoint movie is on the horizon for the DC Extended Universe, which will include a Batman.

While fans of DC Comics know the title of Flashpoint to be extremely inclusive among the comic universe's biggest names, the movie appears to be following that lead. The story written by Geoff Johns sees a massive battle between Amazons and Atlanteans playing out in a world created when Barry Allen saved his mother's life, skewing the timeline and causing Bruce Wayne to take a bullet rather than his father.

The writer of the series and now mastermind of the DC movie landscape Geoff Johns promises Batman will be present for the Flashpoint movie.

"There's elements in it that we're going to be playing into that we couldn't do anywhere else," Johns explains. "The scale of it, the Batman story of it all."

Of course, Johns did not clarify which Batman would be featured in the film while talking to EW. As the comics go, Thomas Wayne (who was portrayed by Jeffrey Dean Morgan in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice) dons the cowl in the Flashpoint world.

Both Morgan and Flash actor Ezra Miller have expressed their interests in seeing the current Walking Dead star reprise his Thomas Wayne role with a cape. Of course, the comic story resets when Barry Allen corrects the timeline, making Bruce Wayne Batman, once again. The live-action adaptation, however, reserves the opportunity to provide Ben Affleck the "graceful and cool segue out" the Batman character he has been searching for.

The seeds for the Flashpoint movie are planted in Justice League when a scene which sees Barry visiting his father Henry in prison is paired with some witty dialogue.

The Flashpoint movie is currently slated for 2020, which follows Aquaman, Shazam, and Wonder Woman 2 movies. While the identity of the Batman character and actor is to be revealed, Flashpoint will be Jason Momoa's next outing as Aquaman following his standalone film which debuts in December of 2018.

Justice League is now playing in theaters.