Batman Fan Bruce Wayne Sets Record For Most Consecutive Days Eating at Chipotle

(Photo: Businesswire)

The New Year is just barely underway and we already have a contender for one of the most unusual stories of the year. Chipotle Mexican Grill has officially recognized a Ohio man for setting the record for most consecutive days eating at Chipotle.

The man spent 426 days in a row eating at least one meal per day at his local Chipotle in order to set the record. Now, the news that there is actually a recognized record for eating the most consecutive days in a row at Chipotle is not the most unusual part of the story.

The name of the Ohio man, who set the record, is none other than Bruce Wayne, and it turns out he's a big Batman fan. In a press release, Chipotle stated, "While this might not be everybody's New Year's Resolution for 2018, it certainly shows that our menu of real and fresh ingredients offers something for everyone – even superheroes."

In order to commemorate this heroic feat, Chipotle presented Mr. Wayne with a custom-made Chipotle superhero cape and cufflinks, which was noted to be "a nod to his love of both Batman and burritos."

In addition, Chipotle stated that they will reinvest the dollars that Mr. Wayne spent over the course of setting his record in a monetary donation to a nonprofit of his choice.

According to Chipotle, "Wayne started his challenge on Oct. 30, 2016 after learning of Chipotle's plans to open a brand-new location in Tiffin. He conducted research about Chipotle and learned about a fellow fan who had ultimately consumed Chipotle for 425 days and maintained his fitness goals. Wayne then set out to become the new record holder."

"Day after day we're committed to serving our customers the most delicious, real ingredients we can find and it's great to see a customer like Bruce is as committed to us as we are to him," said Chris Arnold, communications director at Chipotle.


Even though Mr. Wayne is now the proud Chipotle record holder, he says he has no immediate plans to stop. His entire journey is being documented on his personal Instagram account, including daily photos of his order and accompanying receipt.