Batman Gets a Heavy Duty New Suit

Batman is more than ready to chase Mr. Freeze in this week's Detective Comics #1013. This [...]

Batman is more than ready to chase Mr. Freeze in this week's Detective Comics #1013. This confrontation has been brewing since this arc began and the new equipment The Dark Knight brought along for this latest skirmish shows that he isn't playing around. He's been hot on Freeze's tail once he got back in the picture a couple of issues ago. Now, is the time to wrap things up before the villain can enact his latest plan to thaw out his wife *Spoilers for Detective Comics #1013 ahead*

While hunting Dr. Fries down, it becomes clear that Batman is going to need a little extra firepower to battle his enemy. In comes a radical new armor designed to give The Caped Crusader an edge in the event he has to come into contact with Mr. Freeze's wealth of gadgets designed to chill out anyone who stands in his way. The Freeze armor is not a new idea for the Batman mythos, as he's used the basic tenets before in other costumes, but this new one is pretty out there.

(Photo: DC Entertainment)

Starting with that visor, the extended range of motion helps Batman pay attention to all threats coming from most angles. The obligatory padding and surroundng armor will nulify the chilling effects that this particular rogue presents. The flamethrower The Dark Knight is weilding is probably the most effective weapon against a bad guy like Mr. Freeze, but it serves multiple purposes here. To both fight offensively, and to provide a heat source in case he falls victim to the ice. (Which happens in this very issue)

The Year of the Villain continues to roll on as Mr. Freeze gets the upper hand after retreating to the Gotham Pine Bluffs. His hideout houses a bunch of machinery and his wife, who he's been running tests on. Freeze has concocted some sort of serum to thaw out Nora and has administered it orally and via a syringe. The effects seem to take hold, and now who knows what this could mean for the hero going forward.

That fancy suit is going to be working overtime now if the villain gets some backup or plans to use the serum to somehow poison the other residents of Gotham. You can bet there will be more danger waiting in the wings as the Year of the Villain gallops towars its conclusion. Symbols of the Legion of Doom are popping up all over corners of the DC Universe this week. A host of different books are preparing for Lex Luthor's next move. Batman and his allies better be ready because the big chill could be on its way.