Batman Reveals New Costume For the Newest Robin

Even in-universe, Batman's sidekick Robin is kind of a franchise. Every time you think you have them all accounted for, another one pops up, usually with a very minor variation or two on the original costume pioneered by Dick Grayson almost 80 years ago. And that's before you even get into alternate timelines, where anything can happen and just about anybody could end up in those little green booties. That's what has finally put Duke Thomas into a Robin suit -- and a really fancy one, at that, designed for the unique world of Sean Gordon Murphy's Batman: White Knight

In Batman: Beyond the White Knight, the Dark Knight isn't getting any younger. Barbara Gordon asks Dick Grayson's partner, Duke Thomas, to don some Robin armor in the hopes of getting the stolen Batman suit back from Terry McGinnis, and it gives fans their first in-story look at a costume that Murphy had previously revealed on Twitter.

You can see the costume, and a lengthy, emotional statement from Murphy, below.


"As far as where Terry goes I ... The trick with Terry, for me, was how to make him a little different," Murphy previously told "I didn't want to just mirror exactly what happened with the Batman Beyond cartoon series. I wanted to make it unique but sort of familiar at the same time. One of the things I really wanted to do is make him half Asian, which I didn't realize this but a ton of people, including myself, always assumed Terry was half Japanese and half Irish or something. Only because there's so much kanji in Neo-Gotham and he has long black straight hair, like a lot of people mistake him as being half Asian even though both of his parents are extremely white. So for this one, I decided to make his mom Asian and his dad's obviously Irish, just to sort of finally create a new kind of Terry. Like maybe it's just window dressing, it doesn't really affect the story that much but I just thought it was an interesting way to break up my Terry from the other Terrys out there and, obviously, to diversify the line, which is important."