Batman Transforming Batcave and RC Batmobile Revealed by Spin Master (Exclusive)

Toyfair might not be happening this year, but that doesn't mean there aren't plenty of new toys to [...]

Toyfair might not be happening this year, but that doesn't mean there aren't plenty of new toys to talk about this year, and two of the coolest are coming from Spin Master. Spin Master and DC have partnered up for a brand new toyline called Batman Bat-Tech, and we have your exclusive first look at two of the line's newest additions. The first is the Batman Bat-Tech Transforming Batcave, a massive interactive playset, and the second is the All-Terrain RC Batmobile, and you can check out both new additions to the line below.

The Bat-Tech Transforming Batcave measures over 30 inches and features 10 different areas to play in, including a training area (complete with training dummy), a grappling hook area, a weapons locker, several computer areas, a cell for villains, several platforms, and the main Bat-Computer area.

(Photo: Spin Master)

It also features an elevator that connects them all and can move the Batman figure up and down through the levels, and as it moves through it triggers interactive sounds. It is compatible with any of the 4-inch figures and comes with its own exclusive Batman figure.

The best part though is the fact that the whole Batcave then transforms into a supersized Batman figure, so if it's time to put it away you instantly have something cool to add to your Batman display.

Next we have the All-Terrain RC Batmobile, which can cruise through just about anything and on any surface thanks to its performance tires. Mud, grass, and snow are not an issue, and it can even drive on water.

(Photo: Spin Master)

Design-wise the Batmobile is pretty slick, featuring bright blue accent lines and a sweet design that blends a sleek cockpit with a monster truck-style aesthetic, making this the perfect Batmobile for just about any occasion.

The All-Terrain RC Batmobile is compatible with Spin Master's 4 inch figures, and you can check out Batman's new ride in the image above.

The Batman Bat-Tech Transforming Batcave and the All-Terrain RC Batmobile are set to launch this Fall across all major retailers and will retail for $99.99 (Batcave) and $49.99 (Batmobile).

What do you think of Spin Master's new Batmobile and Transforming Batcave? Let us know in the comments and as always you can talk all things DC and Batman with me on Twitter @MattAguilarCB!