Batman V Superman And Man Of Steel Box Set Available On Amazon

If you've been a fan of the first couple of films in the DCEU, Warner Brothers has created the perfect gift for you. With the holidays only a couple of months away, it's time to add this limited edition item to your list, and hope your loved ones pull through.

The item in question? The Amazon Limited Edition Box Set of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Man Of Steel.

The set comes in a collector's box, featuring the pictures of Batman and Superman on the front. Inside the box, a plethora of goodies for any DC fan.

First off, Blu-Rays of both films are included. The Ultimate Edition of Batman V Superman was a given, but the set also comes with a copy of Man Of Steel. Both films will have Blu-Ray versions, but Batman V Superman will also include the DVD and digital copy.


Once you've gotten past the two films, the set includes a few unique collectors items. Reprints of the debut issues of Action Comics and Detective Comics are inside the box, so you can relive the original introductions to the two heroes.

There are also DC Collector's figures of both Batman, and Superman. These collectable toys are fairly expensive on their own, so it's nice to see them included in the box.

Finally, the box also includes a limited edition set of Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice trading cards.

This Amazon exclusive box set comes with a ton of exciting pieces for any DC collector, so the price is a little more than you may want to pay.

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(Photo: Amazon)

At $123.99, the special edition is a tad expensive, but it seems reasonable once you break down all that you will actually be getting.

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Amazon Limited Edition Box Set is available exclusively through, and is now available for pre-order. The title will release on December 6, 2016.