Batman V Superman's Ben Affleck Calls Geoff Johns A Genius


DC recently made the announcement that fan favorite and well-respected writer and DC Knowledge expert Geoff Johns would be taking a much bigger role in the DC Cinematic Universe. That was after it had been revealed that he was partnering with Ben Affleck on his upcoming Batman solo film.

Johns is also making waves back in the world that started it all with his DC Universe: Rebirth #1 one-shot special that releases on Wednesday. The book sets the stage for the return of many classic characters and legacy relationships that fans have been hungering for since the debut of the New 52, and so far reception is pretty positive.

Ben Affleck is also a huge fan of Geoff's work in general, and will pretty much read anything the talented writer releases.

"I would read anything by Geoff Johns. He's a f****** genius, I love him. I love DC. I'm really excited about where it's going and, um, I couldn't be more honored and thrilled to be on board and part of this DC Universe."

Ironically one of the biggest issues with Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (and Synder's film universe in general) is the lack of the brightness that defined DC Comics for so long, and that is what John's Rebirth special starts to bring back to the comic universe. Only time will tell if that same plan of action is instituted into Warner Bros.' films.


DC Universe Rebirth #1 releases tomorrow, and you can read our review at the link.