Two-Face Gets a New Origin in 'Batman vs. Two-Face'

Batman vs. Two-Face is out on Blu-ray, digital, and DVD today and in a clip from the new animated [...]

Batman vs. Two-Face is out on Blu-ray, digital, and DVD today and in a clip from the new animated feature shared by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, Batman fans get to see a brand-new origin for the villain Two-Face.

In the clip, Hugo Strange has a variety of Batman's criminal nemesis hooked up to his latest creation, the Evil Extractor, presumably attempting to reform bad guys such as Joker, Penguin, Riddler and Egghead by literally removing their evil. However, while Batman, Robin, and Harvey Dent look on things go horribly awry. The machine overloads and explodes, causing all of the extracted evil to engulf Harvey. When the smoke clears, only Two-Face remains. Check it out in the clip above.

Transforming from heroic figure to villain by way of extracted evil is a new origin for Two-Face. In his original comic book origin, Harvey Dent is the district attorney for Gotham City who forges an alliance with Captain James Gordon and Batman to clear the city of crime boss Sal Maroni. Obviously, the crime bosses aren't keen on this which ends up with a corrupt Assistant District Attorney Vernon Fields being part of a scheme to use acid to disfigure Dent, after which Dent become unhinged and seeks revenge.

While the character has had other variations of this origin in both comics and in live-action film, the general idea that a traumatic event scars Dent who is then bent on vengeance remains the same. This new origin in Batman vs. Two-Face appears to retain only the disfigurement element as the "extracted evil" seems to immediately change Dent rather than the changes in the former good guy being born out of his own internalized pain.

New origin notwithstanding on thing that hasn't changed is the threat Two-Face poses to the good people of Gotham. In an exclusive clip shared with, fans can see just how dark and dangerous Two-Face, as voiced by William Shatner, really is.

Batman vs. Two-Face, which features Adam West's final performance as Batman, is available on Blu-ray, DVD, and digital now.