Batwoman: "How Queer Everything is Today!" Twist Ending Explained

Tonight's episode of Batwoman was the series' first since the events of 'Crisis on Infinite [...]

Tonight's episode of Batwoman was the series' first since the events of "Crisis on Infinite Earths" and while Batwoman's Gotham seemed relatively unchanged in the shift from Earth-1 to Earth-Prime in this new Multiverse there were a few little things that established the lay of the land in this new reality. However, the biggest twist was one that was saved for the episode's ending and it's one that calls into question everything fans thought they knew about the state of Earth-Prime - and it's going to have major impact on everything in Batwoman going forward.

Spoilers for tonight's episode of Batwoman, "How Queer Everything is Today!" below.

Much of tonight's episode dealt with the fallout from Alice's (Rachel Skarsten) murder of Catherine Hamilton-Kane during the midseason finale. Jacob Kane (Dougray Scott) remains in jail, charged with his wife's murder, while Mary (Nicole Kang) has poured all of her energy into his defense, ignoring her own grief in the process. Kate (Ruby Rose) finds herself struggling with her Batwoman identity as well as the Alice issue and, ultimately, finds a measure of peace with both. Kate has Batwoman come out as a lesbian in Catco magazine and Alice is apprehended and in Crow's custody.

However, in the final moments of the episode, Kate comes face to face with not Alice, but Beth Kane, a living, breathing, not insane version of her twin who is trying to figure out some of the weird things she's encountered since coming home from studying abroad, including the fact that when she went back to her lodging at Gotham University she discovered it had been turned to a boys' dorm. And, as Kate appears to discover after checking this Beth to make sure she's not wearing a mask or some other disguise, this Beth appears to be the real deal.

Let that sink in: Earth-Prime apparently has two Beth Kanes.

As the episode ends right there, fans will have to wait for an explanation of how exactly this is possible, but it feels very likely that it's a consequence of the merging of Earth-38 into the new Earth-Prime reality. As fans know, each world of the previous Arrowverse Multiverse had their own versions of people which means if Earth-1 had a Beth Kane, so did Earth-38, but that doesn't mean each Beth had the same life. What appears to have happened is that the remaking of the world wasn't quite as seamless as one would have expected with at least one person being duplicated. Given that Beth has found the world much different than what she recalled, it seems like this Beth is a holdover from another reality.

What's kind of interesting is that Beth's predicament - specifically finding that her home is no longer her home - is similar to what Helena Wayne/Huntress discovered in the Crisis on Infinite Earths comics. On the newly made Earth that was neither Earth-1 nor Earth-2, she discovered that her home was not her home and, even worse, that she didn't exist. If this new Beth is a situation like what we saw in comics, it may also indicate that some of the characters on other Arrowverse shows are different versions of themselves as well. Fans have already been wondering about Arrow's Earth-2 Dinah Lance, though her exact situation remains to be seen.

No matter how the details of this reveal shake out, a sane and healthy Beth Kane is likely to have some major ramifications on Kate's world on Batwoman and it will be interesting to see how they play out as the season continues.

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