Batwoman Star Rachel Skarsten on If Alice Can Be Redeemed

It didn't take long for the newest series in The CW's Arrowverse to give fans one of the franchises best villains. Batwoman's nemesis, Alice, has already become a bit of a fan-favorite amongst the Arroverse faithful. She's maniacal, messy, and a whole lot of fun, which helps her stand out from the crowd when it comes to CW baddies. Of course, no matter how bad she gets, fans are hoping to see her redeemed at some point on the show, becoming more of a protagonist in the future, fighting alongside her sister.

The redemption of Alice could totally happen sometime down the road. Then again, it could also never happen at all. Her future is as unpredictable as her personality. During an interview with TVLine, Batwoman star Rachel Skarsten was asked about the idea of Alice being redeemed, and she isn't sure if the character is quite ready for that.

"I actually wasn't sure what the reception to Alice would be, so it sort of surprises me that people are already rooting for her before I even got a chance to show the more wounded side of her," Skarsten said. "So, I think that they will totally continue to root for her, but not just because of that. Ever since Ruby and I did our initial test, we have a nice, natural chemistry with one another and get on quite well, so I feel like because of how we play those sister scenes, people want Alice's redemption also for Kate, because Kate has skin in the game, too."

Skarsten went on to explain that, while some fans may be hoping to see the "good" side of Alice sometime in the near future, that turn is still a long way off.

"I wouldn't count on Alice being redeemed any time soon," she added with a laugh. "I think the writers are having far too much fun with her being bad. But it could be in the cards at some point. In the comics, actually, Alice does become Red Alice — a bit of a crime fighter/partner for Batwoman — but that's later. And also, obviously, there are many different delineations of the comics."


Do you think Alice can be redeemed on Batwoman? Will she end up working with her sister at some point? Let us know your best Alice predictions in the comments below!