Batwoman Confirms Bane, Clayface, and Other Batman Villains Exist in the Arrowverse

We've nearly experienced all of Batwoman's second season, and the sophomore outing has introduced [...]

We've nearly experienced all of Batwoman's second season, and the sophomore outing has introduced quite a lot of new elements into the series' version of Gotham City. In the span of seventeen episodes, the hit The CW series has introduced an entirely new Batwoman, Ryan Wilder (Javicia Leslie), reintroduced Kate Kane (Wallis Day), and weaved an array of comic-accurate foes into the mix. The penultimate episode of the season took things to a whole other level, confirming the existence of a surprising amount of villains within the Arrowverse's version of Gotham. Spoilers for Season 2, Episode 17 of Batwoman, "Kane, Kate", below! Only look if you want to know!

The episode saw the revamped Kate seeming to get back to normal life, including getting close with her friends and family in the Bat Team. Eventually, it was revealed that Kate was still operating as Circe Sionis, the personality that was brainwashed into her in order for her to do the bidding of Roman Sionis/Black Mask (Peter Outerbridge). Kate/Circe locked the Bat Team in the Batcave's elevator and proceeded to snoop around the Batcave, stealing the Batwoman costume along the way.

Eventually, Circe got to a room with a series of objects in a sealed vault — trophies from various villains that Bruce Wayne/Batman (Warren Christie) previously fought. Circe then stole all of the paraphernalia, giving it to Roman so he could use it to succeed where the previous villains failed.

So, what objects were featured? In addition to tools associated with Batman villains previously mentioned in the Arrowverse — Penguin's umbrella, Mad Hatter's hat, Mr. Freeze's canisters, Joker's joy buzzer, and Poison Ivy's vines. But the array also featured some villains that hadn't previously been officially acknowledged in the Arrowverse, including Bane's venom, Killer Croc's Tooth, and Clayface's mud.

Bane's venom is particularly significant, especially considering what the Season 2 finale trailer seems to hint for Russell Tavaroff (Jesse Hutch). In the comics, Tavaroff was initially a former friend of Luke Fox who was exposed by Snakebite (which, in the comics, is an off-shoot of Bane's Venom serum, as opposed to the Scarecrow-influenced party drug it is on Batwoman). Eventually, Russell began to operate as Menace in the criminal underground of Gotham, hoping to get revenge on those who bullied him. Now that Tavaroff appears to be exposed to the venom directly, it certainly seems like his comic-accurate counterpart of Menace is on the way.

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