Batwoman Showrunner Teases What's Next for Kate and Sophie

Batwoman saw some big changes with its midseason premiere on Sunday. Batwoman (Ruby Rose) came out as a lesbian in a big cover story for Catco magazine and at the end of the episode there was a twist regarding Beth Kane and the new reality of Earth-Prime that is going to have huge ramifications going forward. It was also confirmed that Sophie (Meagan Tandy) really had been left by her husband after the revelation of her previous relationship with Kate Kane at midseason. Now, Batwoman showrunner Caroline Dries teases what fans can expect for Kate and Sophie during the rest of the season.

In a recent interview with Autostraddle, Dries didn't give a lot away about Kate and Sophie's trajectory, but she did suggest that fans might not want to give up hope and promised a lot of drama to come.

"I would say don't give up hope on Kate and Sophie," Dries said. "There's a lot of drama coming up between them that I think will be new and interesting. And the major twist at the end of this episode, that's going to have some huge domino effects going forward."

Of course, there are other things that will have an impact on things going forward and that includes the previously mentioned coming out of Batwoman. It was a huge moment for the character, both preserving Kate's private identity while allowing Gotham's new hero to remain true to themselves. Dries broke that moment down as well, describing the coming out as an emotional arc for Kate's character.

"When I first signed on to do Batwoman, I was thinking about how this is a show about a woman who is super strong, super confident, and very comfortable with who she is as a lesbian," Dries explained. "She's a badass and she can fight people and she's tough and she's vulnerable and has a big heart — and then she goes and puts on a costume and hides all of those characteristics. She becomes a different person, essentially, and it's still strong and badass, but she has now hidden all of the things that make Kate Kate."


"...That narrative doesn't quite work for me, and so I thought, well, if it's not working for me, maybe it's not working for Kate either. Kate is comfortable with who she is, and when she's suited up, all she does is lie all day. And she's not a liar," Dries continued. "She's just been told [on "Crisis on Infinite Earths"] that she's the Paragon of Courage; she just helped put all these universes back together. I think she's thinking, "I feel like I should, as Batwoman, have the courage to be who I really am." She might be putting her secret identity in jeopardy or possibly making people who don't like gay people hate her, but she still feels pulled to do it."

Batwoman airs Sundays at 8/7c on The CW.