Is CW Teasing a Worlds Finest Crossover With Supergirl and Batwoman?

It's something that fans of The CW's Arrowverse got their first taste of during last year's "Elseworlds" crossover -- a team up between Supergirl and Batwoman. While the two heroines didn't get to spend much screen time together, the time they did spend showed the beginnings of a friendship and it was enough to get fans wondering if someday a World's Finest team up could be in the works. Now, with Batwoman and Supergirl both airing on Sunday nights, The CW has fans wondering if that World's Finest crossover might be coming sooner rather than later.

On Reddit, a fan in the r/Batwoman sub made an interesting discovery on the show's official Twitter page, an image of the Batwoman and Supergirl logos intertwined as part of a promo reminding fans that both shows air Sunday nights. Given their shared corner of The CW's programing this fall, it's a clever way to advertise, but it also could be a hint that a real team up is coming. Check it out below.

From the official Twitter page from r/BatwomanTV

As fans of DC Comics know, the World's Finest concept generally sees Batman and Superman come together see the pair of heroes fight a foe or solve a mystery. As Batman and Superman don't have their own shoes in the Arrowverse -- and, in the case of Batman we haven't yet even met the Dark Knight as he's been missing from Gotham for some time -- Batwoman and Supergirl would be the network's take on that team up. Technically, the Arrowverse has had a "World's Finest" pairing before during Supergirl's first season (which aired on CBS). In that episode, entitled "Worlds Finest" The Flash suddenly arrived on Supergirl's Earth, opening up the idea of the Multiverse in a big way, but the actual title of a possible Batwoman/Supergirl crossover doesn't really matter. The World's Finest concept would remain the same.

The CW has also teased a proper World's Finest team up between the heroines outside of "Elseworlds" as well. A teaser advertising the network's Super Sunday block of programming back in August also teased a World's Finest pairing. At this point, it just feels like if they don't team the two up, it'd be a major missed opportunity. The only thing that would really stand in the way is the whole separate Earths situation, but that has the potential to be resolved sooner rather than later. This fall, "Crisis on Infinite Earths" is coming to the Arrowverse. In comics, the event brought together the disparate Earths of the DC Universe and it's possible that the Arrowverse version will as well. If so, it could mean that Supergirl would enter the "main" continuity, putting her on the same Earth as the rest of the heroes -- and making that World's Finest crossover a reality.

Batwoman airs Sundays at 8/7c followed by Supergirl at 9/8c on The CW.