Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey Star Ewan McGregor Called Posing for Selfies With Fans a "Soulless Thing"

Actor Ewan McGregor has starred in a number of beloved projects throughout his career, earning him [...]

Actor Ewan McGregor has starred in a number of beloved projects throughout his career, earning him legions of fans, with the actor recently revealing that, while he always appreciates a fan showing their admiration for his work, the requests he received for selfies became so overwhelming in London that he ended up moving to the United States to escape the "soulless" interaction. The actor admitted that he's "always happy" to interact with fans, though he merely grew tired of that interaction solely being focused on snapping a photo with him and moving on without having any sort of meaningful exchange.

"You stand and you take the photograph and they're happy and off they go. It's a soulless thing. There's no exchange of anything," McGregor shared with the Sunday Sitdown podcast. "Before it used to be, 'Oh I saw you in that movie.' Even if people didn't like something, especially in Scotland, I'd get, 'That movie you were in was sh-t, by the way.'"

Even if the encounter wasn't entirely positive, he still preferred that to posing for a picture and moving on.

"At least there was some sort of exchange," the actor joked. "But that's turned into just the selfie now."

With his career starting in the UK, it's easier to see why his fandom would be more rampant in London, as the actor noted he grew accustomed to walking fast and keeping his head down to avoid having to stop to pose for a photo.

"I don't want to have to not walk down the street," McGregor confessed. "There are some places where it is easier to do than others. It got harder for me in London, and I don't live in London anymore ... maybe as a result."

One of the biggest projects McGregor has been involved in is the Star Wars prequel trilogy, in which he starred as Obi-Wan Kenobi. That fandom is one of the most passionate on the planet, with fans still showing their admiration for his performance 15 years after his last appearance in the series.

Last summer, McGregor made a surprise appearance at Disney's D23 Expo to confirm that he would be returning to reprise his role of the Jedi Master for a new series on Disney+, exciting fans immensely. Earlier this year, reports emerged that, rather than shooting this summer, the series was undergoing rewrites that will push its production start to next January. When the series begins to move forward, we assume fans will be even more excited to share an interaction with him.

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