Harley Quinn Is an Unreliable Narrator in Birds of Prey

DC's Birds of Prey movie recently revealed some additional details about its story and characters. One of the more interesting things that we learned was that Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn also serves as the narrator of Birds of Prey's story, which immediately raised the question: is Harley a reliable narrator? The answer to the question seems pretty obvious on the surface, given what we know about Harley and her general mindstate. However, it wasn't until ComicBook.com got onto the set of Birds of Prey that we got firm confirmation that indeed, Harley Quinn will not be a reliable narrator - and that could be half the fun of Birds of Prey!

Here's how Margot Robbie herself explained Harley's approach to narration in Birds of Prey And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn:

Robbie: "Harley is the narrator of the story. A very unreliable, erratic narrator, which is fun, but it also gives, I think, the audience an opportunity to kind of be inside her brain sometimes and see the world through her eyes at times. But really it's about ... I guess you'll wait and see how well she does or does not get along with the Birds of Prey in the end. But ultimately, I think she is a not a traditional member of the Birds of Prey and, yeah, it's so hard to talk about this."

Robbie's quote not only confirms that Harley Quinn is indeed an unreliable narrator, it also touches on one of fans' biggest concerns about Birds of Prey. That concern has to do with the fact that the Birds of Prey of prey team in DC Comics is a team of Gotham City heroines - meaning not a team fit for Harley Quinn to be a part of. However, Robbie's tease seems to indicate that Birds of Prey could end with Harley actually not being welcomed on the team, which could be the exact situation that sets up a DC Gotham City Sirens movie (which is a team of Gotham City female villains).

Before we get to any of that, though, here's what producers Sue Kroll and Bryan Unkeless had to say about Harley's storytelling approach in Birds of Prey:


Sue Kroll: "Harley obviously is very unique, right? Her point of view on the world is very specific. So imagine that you are looking at the world through her eyes and her rationalities and that's what we'll be offering up to you. So it's fun. I mean that's where the spirit in the movie comes from, but you get a lot more dimension to Harley now because you've seen her in Suicide Squad. But this is a movie where we really explore a lot more about her. And I think you'd be surprised. I don't know. Do you want to answer that?"

Bryan Unkeless: "It's seeing through the prism of Harley Quinn's perspective. Right? So it's not easily encapsulated in a linear logline. It's pretty outrageous. And so to sit and talk about it from beginning to end would be challenging."