Black Adam To Reportedly Include Adrianna Tomaz

Adrianna Tomaz, who appeared in the DC Comics event 52 as the super-powered antiheroine Isis, will reportedly appear in the upcoming Black Adam movie -- although almost certainly without reference to the Egyptian goddess who, by coincidence, shares a name with the most well-known acronym for the Islamic State terrorist group. Originally the alter-ego of Andrea Thomas, Isis was created for television, where she shared billing with DC's Captain Marvel, the character later known as Shazam, in the Shazam/Isis Hour on CBS. That version made relatively few appearances before being reimagined as a refugee, who was enslaved and brought to Black Adam by Intergang.

The Illuminerdi claims to have gained access to some scenes from the screenplay, and say that Adrianna is involved, as well as a son named Aziz. No such character exists in the comics, but Ardianna has a very maternal relationship with her brother Amon, the alter ego of the antihero Osiris.

In 52, Adrianna was part of a crowd that protested the unchecked use of brutal power by Black Adam's regime in Khandaq. He ultimately took a romantic interest in her, and essentially gave her a portion of his power with a challenge: put up or shut up. He was interested to see whether Tomaz could come up with a better way of doing things than he could. Her missing brother was found and brought into the fold, giving Black Adam his own version of the "family" of heroes that surround Shazam. Unfortunately, it was short-lived, and after Osiris was murdered, Black Adam snapped and doubled down on his previous brutality.

No telling how much -- if any -- of that story will be translated for Black Adam onscreen. A modified version of it has been told for Zari Adrianna Tomaz on DC's Legends of Tomorrow. While she wields the power of the same amulet from which TV's Isis drew her powers, Zari has never gone by the name "Isis" and appeared in the character's distinctive costume just once (for a brief moment in a Halloween episode). It is possible that recent changes on Legends of Tomorrow lend credence to the idea that Adrianna Tomaz could appear in Black Adam: last season, her amulet was removed from its hefty gold casing and necklace, and inset into a leather band she wears on her wrist. And this season, with time having been rewritten by the events of the season four finale, Zari's family name has changed to Tarazi with no clear explanation as to why. Given DC's past history of removing characters from the Arrowverse in order to clear the way to use them on the big screen, it could be that these changes were made to further distinguish Zari from the more "traditional" version fo Adrianna set to appear in Black Adam.

The name Isis is almost certain to be off the table, even though it has long-standing historical roots. When Zari was added to Legends of Tomorrow, showrunner Phil Klemmer had suggested, when asked, that the idea of using that name wasn't even a conversation. Of course, Shazam! went an entire movie without ever having Billy use -- or even decide on -- a name for his superhero alter ego, so maybe it's not that big a deal.


Production was expected to start this year, and is obviously delayed. But if all goes realtively close to plan, Black Adam hits theaters on December 22nd, 2021.

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