'Black Lightning' Midseason Finale Recap With Spoilers: "Gift of Magi"

'Gift of the Magi' starts with Jennifer and Khalil still on the lamb. Khalil's health is [...]

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"Gift of the Magi" starts with Jennifer and Khalil still on the lamb. Khalil's health is deteriorating from his stab wound and Jennifer decides to run off to find him antibiotics.

Lynn's still distressed at home and she calls her husband, who reveals that Jennifer and Khalil escaped from Khalil's aunt's house. They have no leads and the aunt has no idea where they went. Gambi notices that there's blood on the table and since those three weren't slashed, they realize it must have come from Khalil or Jennifer. Gambi suggests they stake out local hospitals and clinics to see if either of the runaways seek medical attention.

Lynn can't stand still at home and goes over to Khalil's house to speak with his mother. Lynn gets permission to look through Khalil's belongings hoping to find more information.

We see a scene of a young African-American man losing a research grant because of a racist wards board. He returns to his car outside and has a note on his car to visit Tobias Whale at Club 100 later that night.

As predicted, Jennifer sneaks into a hospital and uses her powers to short-circuit a computer that grants her access to a pharmaceutical supply. On her way out, she nearly runs into Jefferson and Anissa but is able to escape undetected. We do see her, however, being followed by Tobias' hired assassin out of the hospital.

Later on, Gambi plays back footage from the hospital. Jefferson rushes out of their observation van in an attempt to go out and find his second daughter, but Gambi fights him to stay. After a tussle, Jefferson reluctantly agrees to stay since he doesn't have a suit.

Jennifer returns to their hideout and Khalil's health is deteriorating even further. The two begin talking about their past together.

That night the kid shows up to speak with Tobias, and we find out the kid's name is Todd Greene. Tobias gets a call from his assassin, and she reveals that she was forced to use her poison blades on Khalil. Tobias tells her that she needs him alive.

In their surveillance van, Gambi identifies as Tobias' assassin as Giselle Cutter, an alleged metahuman with ruored telekinetic powers.

Jennifer begins praying to God to save Khalil and she becomes distraught. She tells him she needs to go outside for some fresh air and once she leaves, she begins to break down in tears. Outside, she enters the dreamscape that Perenna helped her set up. She hears noises out in the woods and those in the dreamscape. She amplifies her powers and realizes that Cutter has located them.

Jennifer begins running away when we see Cutter has found Khalil inside the barn. She's about to attack Khalil when Jennifer sneaks up behind her and shocks her. Jennifer binds Cutter up and when she wakes up, the youngest Pierce begins to question her. Jennifer realizes that as smart of an assassin that Cutter is, she likely has an antidote on her. After cutting Cutter's cheek, the assassin reveals that the antidote is hanging on her necklace. Jennifer administers the antidote.

Lynn locates Khalil's father and tries getting from information from him. He doesn't know the exact location, but he does know that Khalil had previously gotten a place of his own.

Gambi's trying to amplify Jefferson's powers so that he can use them to try locating Jennifer. Jefferson tells Gambi to increase the voltage threshold of his suit to try matching that of Jennifer's powers. Jefferson picks up a new signature and they race off to see whether or not it's Jennifer.

Khalil wakes up and Jennifer breaks down in tears, happy that he's alive. The two hurry out of the barn to run away from Cutter, who's still knocked out from Jennifer's interrogation earlier.

Gambi, Jefferson, and Anissa arrive at the barn to find it vacated. Jefferson notices residual electricity in the area where Cutter was tied up and Jefferson and Anissa think that because of that, Jennifer was the one tied up. Jefferson calls Lynn to inform her of the findings.

Tobias offers Greene a job, depositing $100,000 instantly into his account. Greene accepts.

We see Jennifer and Khalil driving away in a car, showing they're safe.

Elsewhere, we see a man who can teleport kill everyone at the bar. He calls somebody on the pone saying "it's done" and the person on the other end wants him to come to Freeland.