'Black Lightning's Marvin "Krondon" Jones III Teases "Maniacal" Tobias in Season 2

Black Lightning's first season finale left The CW series' primary villain Tobias Whale in an interesting place. With the Martin Proctor and the A.S.A. out of the way, Black Lightning's nemesis ended up with whatever secrets the sinister organization was using to experiment on citizens of Freeland and according to actor Marvin "Krondon" Jones III the mysteries of that briefcase will have a huge role in season two.

Jones recently told TV Line that getting that A.S.A. case and its contents was only the first step towards the villain's ultimate aspirations.

"Hopefully he will do what it takes to go to the level he's been aspiring to all season," Jones said. "I think acquiring the case took what, 13 episodes, so let's see what we do with the next 13 to however many we have, I think we have 16 this time."

The contents of the case weren't revealed during the season one finale, but it was made clear that whatever they hold is deeply significant to the creation and preservation of metahumans in Freeland. Proctor and the shady A.S.A. had been keeping various metahuman kids -- who had all gone missing after being exposed to the drug Green Light and thus gaining their abilities -- in containment pods. During the season finale, those pods appeared to be failing with mention being made of the briefcase. That case had already ended up in Tobias' hands and whatever it contained was clearly a gamechanger for the villain -- so much so that Jones explained it will send an already "diabolical" Tobias over the edge.

"My character is maniacal and very diabolical, so I think that this case is going to send him into an overdrive of those two traits and I look forward to it, to seeing it," Jones said.

Of course, an amped up Tobias is only one consequence that the show will explore next season. Series star Cress Williams explained that consequences will play a major part of the whole season.

"We don't have to explain anymore," Williams said. "I feel like [showrunner] Salim [Akil] said, 'let's drop a bomb and see what happens!' So, it's not accidental that our first episodes are called 'The Book of Consequences.'"

The episode titles Williams is referring to are the first four of the upcoming season. Entitled "The Book of Consequences: The Rise of The Green Light Babies" with subtitles indicating them to be chapters one through four, the episodes will likely deal with the lingering impact of the drug Green Light which gave users super powers last season. Beyond that, there will also be issues for the Pierce family with Jennifer needing to see a therapist as well as Williams' Jefferson Pierce potentially even being replaced as principal of Garfield High School.


"That's part of the consequences," Williams said.

Fans will find out just how far the consequences go -- and just how diabolical Tobias gets -- when Black Lightning returns this fall on The CW.