Two Superman Actors Bumped Into Each Other on a Plane

Stop me if you've heard this one before, but two Supermen get on an airplane and they... pose for a selfie?

In a photo shared to Dean Cain's Twitter account, the Lois & Clark TV series' Superman actor is seen bumping into fellow Superman actor Brandon Routh. Though Routh has become better known for his role a Ray Palmer, the A.T.O.M., on Legends of Tomorrow and Arrow, he played the iconic DC Comics hero in Superman Returns back in 2006.

Check out the tweet and the photo below

"So 2 Superman got on a plane," Cain wrote with the photo.

Cain played Clark Kent, also known as Superman, on the Lois & Clark show from 1993 through 199 for 87 episodes. The actor's credits tally up more than 150 titles on his IMDb profile. He returned to the live-action world of DC Comics for six episodes of Supergirl, where he played the father of Supergirl, Jeremiah Danvers.


While Superman Returns helped put Routh on the map, the actor is also known for roles in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and Chuck.

In any case, bumping into a couple of Superman actors on an airplane is a moment worth photographing and certainly an epic experience for the passengers getting to fly with not one, but two Supermen.