Brian Michael Bendis Reveals Why He Took Superman Over Batman

Brian Michael Bendis is already at work on his new DC project, Action Comics, and he recently [...]

Brian Michael Bendis is already at work on his new DC project, Action Comics, and he recently revealed why he chose Superman over Batman.

Some assumed he would take on one of the Batman books, but during his recent conversation with John Siuntres on the Word Balloon podcast, he explained just why he decided Superman was the perfect way to start the DC chapter of his career.

"I said to Dan if Superman is available sometime in my contract. I want to take a shot at it. I think he thought I was going to ask for Batman...but I think Batman is well taken care of. Not That Superman isn't as well, the Mr. Oz story is phenomenal, but one was pulling to me more. Dan said 'We're gonna start a new direction with Action 1000. What a great place to land you and say this is part of the legacy and how much we believe in it. ' ... I would literally have to start writing for DC the day after I finished writing for Marvel, but we could do it."

Bendis isn't wrong about the Batman books. Currently, the team of Tom King (Batman) and James T Tynion IV (Detective Comics) have hit a great stride, and the extended Batman family is doing pretty good as well (Nightwing, Batgirl, Batwoman, etc).

As for Superman, the Mr. Oz storyline has delivered some fantastic surprises, and it will be interesting to see where Bendis takes the series next and how he follows up that popular storyline. If he was going to take on anyone for this latest chapter though, it is hard to go bigger than Superman.

Bendis celebrated his first day at DC with some art from Michael Avon Oeming and the status of his last few Marvel projects.

"Daniel Craig voice: 'Agent Bendis, reporting for duty.' today is the day! I am officially a member of the @DCComics family (I'm still working on my last marvel's because December was not my friend) thank you all for making this surreal journey so much fun. art by @Oeming"

Action Comics #1000 hits comic shops on April 18.