Candice Patton Has an Amazing Clapback Against The Flash Hater

Candice Patton is used to dealing with villains and super-powered opponents as Iris West-Allen on The Flash, but she's also quite skilled at taking down trolls in real life. Fans got to see that skill displayed on Twitter after Patton posted a selfie with the caption "See you next lifetime." You would have expected most responses to be fun and positive, but for some reason, one person decided to make it a hill to die on and said: "You single handily ruined Flash". Patton had a perfect response, clapping back with "And got paid big bucks to do it!"

That my friends is how you take care of a troll, and while there were a few other naysayers in the comments afterward, most responses celebrated Patton's response and had nothing but positive things to say. We've included some of our favorite responses below, and this just goes to show why you don't mess with Iris.

You can also find the original response from Patton below.

"If ruining it means making it the #1 show on the cw for years then... maybe he meant *carrying"

"Candice you are wonderful, I love iris, definitely one of my favorite characters not only from the series but all I have ever seen, your work is wonderful, I love iris and her strength so much, we fans love you and your work, Thank you very much!!❤️"

"Its been 6 years and these haters are still pressed lmao. You're not going anywhere! They can stay pressed."

"Without you as Iris West the show would've lost its charm and heart that is still going strong 6 seasons later ❤️⚡️"


The good news is that Iris isn't going anywhere, as she is a focal point of season 6, and fans can look forward to more adventures with Iris for seasons to come.

The Flash airs on The CW Tuesdays at 8 pm 7 pm central.