Crisis on Infinite Earths Star Says Anti-Monitor Will Make His Presence Felt Before the Crossover Starts

Crisis on Infinite Earths has never been closer. Fans are hyped up for the ensuing event, and The Anti-Monitor is in the center of that oncoming storm. LaMonica Garrett talked to CBR about his place in the upcoming event as both the Monitor and The Anti-Monitor. Events have kicked the drive toward the latest Crisis into overdrive. Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) has been going on missions for The Monitor with very little understanding of the larger situation at hand until more recently. It looks like there will be a sighting of the crossover’s main villain soon as all the Arrowverse shows recently showcased promos around the Crisis that clearly state that everyone knows how dire the incoming ordeal is going to be.

I think you'll see him pretty soon. It's not going to be at the end of "Crisis." His presence will be felt before you physically see him and that's already been happening,” Garrett said. “I think that's great, how they layer it out when you see certain characters and when you don't. It's not over-saturated. You see just enough of him to know this guy means business, but it's not in your face in every scene leading up to "Crisis." I think they did a great job of that, without giving too much away. But you'll know he's around and, when you see him, it'll definitely be felt.”

Playing both the Monitor and Anti-Monitor is shaping up to be quite the challenge. But, Garrett insists that it has been a lot of fun to explore the differences between the two opposing forces.

Garrett began, “It's a lot of fun. It's a lot of work that goes into it, but it's the fun work that doesn't feel like work. But yeah, I'm having a great time with both characters, and they're so uniquely different that it's just, you know, it's fun to bring both of them to life

“I feel the Monitor as a challenge just because it's the dialogue, his stillness,” he said of the harder of the roles. “Like, sometimes you want to move and you want to, you know, with gesture you want to do different things and he's just so still in what he does. And that's a challenge for me, because the actor in me, I'm the opposite of that. So it's just reminding myself when I am the Monitor. Just, it's all with what he says, it's his presence, and it's in his eyes, and just let everything fall, and that's a challenge.”