Crisis on Infinite Earths Has an "Open-Ended" Ending

The coming "Crisis on Infinite Earths" is an event that fans of The CW's Arrowverse has been waiting for for years. First teased during the series premiere of The Flash, the five-part crossover is based on the classic comic book series of the same name and, as such is set to massively change the Multiverse in lasting ways going forward. Fans already know that that means the death of a beloved character, Arrow's Oliver Queen/Green Arrow as the series ends its run soon after "Crisis" but as for how definitive the ending of the crossover will be in general, that may be a little less final at least according to The Monitor and Anti-Monitor actor LaMonica Garrett.

In a recent interview with CBR, Garrett was asked about the ending of "Crisis", specifically if the event ties up all its loose ends. While Garrett didn't give anything away about how things work out specifically, he did describe things as more open-ended -- something very much in keeping with the way most comic book stories work.

"I think, with comic books period, it's always open-ended," Garrett said. "Nothing’s ever definitive. Even back in the day, like when Doomsday killed Superman, but then he came back. So, you know, stuff happens. I don't want to give too much away with the crossover. But, you know, in the comic book world... Like I was joking around with one of the producers, and we're talking about The Princess Bride and there was a scene in The Princess Bride where it's like, 'Is he a little dead or is he all the way dead?' Billy Crystal's character. To me, that's the comic book world: 'Is he dead, or is he just a little dead? Which dead is he?' So, you know, we'll see what happens, but I think the writers are creative, that's the base of it."

In the comics, Crisis on Infinite Earths centered on a battle between the combined superheroes (and some villains) of the DC multiverse and an immortal, cosmic threat known as the Anti-Monitor. As the Anti-Monitor destroys realities, he replaces their positive matter energy with antimatter, growing his own power and sphere of influence. He was eventually stopped by the sacrifices of several heroes, including The Flash and Supergirl as well as the merging of multiple universes to save reality by becoming a single, unified timeline. It was a massive change, one that removed some characters from continuity altogether. However, like Garrett noted, noting in comic books is ever truly final which means that the same could hold true for the Arrowverse's "Crisis" as well.


“Crisis on Infinite Earths” kicks off on Sunday, December 8 on Supergirl, runs through a Monday episode of Batwoman and that Tuesday’s episode of The Flash. That will be the midseason cliffhanger, as the shows go on hiatus for the holidays and return on January 14 to finish out the event with the midseason premiere of Arrow and a "special episode" of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, which launches as a midseason series this year and so will not have an episode on the air before the Crisis.

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