Crisis on Infinite Earths Showrunner Regrets Mentioning Possible Nicolas Cage Cameo

Crisis on Infinite Earth’s showrunner says that he regrets mentioning a possible Nicolas Cage cameo. Marc Guggenheim told the Fake Nerd Podcast about his wishes that he had kept that little nugget under wraps. Of course, when people heard that there was a chance for the Superman Lives version of the character to make an appearance, they let their thoughts and opinions be known all over the web. It’s reasonable that some of that chatter made it back to the star in question. The cat’s out of the bag now, but Guggenheim sounds generally remorseful in that interview.

"I know I've talked about Nic Cage, but ever since I did that, I've since felt pretty bad," Guggenheim started to explain, "because I don't want anyone -- like, let's call him Person X. If we went to Person X and Person X said no, I don't want Person X's Twitter feed blowing up with, 'Why didn't you play the role? Why didn't you appear in Crisis?'"

"Everyone's got their reasons, and for some people, they were legitimately busy," he added. "For other people, they just had no desire. For other people, they wanted more money than we had to spend. There's a whole host of reasons why various cameos didn't come into being. I don't see any good coming from going into specifics for why those various cameos didn't happen."

Unfortunately, no one could have predicted all this when he told IndieWire:

"We did reach out to Nic Cage," Guggenheim revealed during an interview with Indiewire. "We reached out to a lot of people, and there were people who didn’t want to do it. There were people who would only do it for amounts of money that we could not ever afford. And there were other people who really wanted to do it, but couldn’t for scheduling. That was the case with a lot of, I have to say, the movie stars that we reached out to. The thing about movie stars is, they’re all shooting movies. And unless those movies are shooting in Vancouver, we’re kind of out of luck. But I have to say that the sheer number of actors that we did end up getting exceeded my expectation."


If you're bored at home right now, re-watching Crisis on Infinite Earths might be a good solution. You can find it on The CW app.

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