Cyborg Kills a DC Villain In The Most Devastating Way

Many have already met their fate in DC Comics' DCEASED mini-series, which throws fans into a world where Darkseid corrupted the anti-life equation and caused not only his own death but the beginning of a virus that is taking over the world one by one. If you've looked at a screen that's connected to the internet, there's a very good chance you're infected, and that is true for superheroes and villains alike. In DCEASED #4 we see the heroes faced their biggest threat yet at their current safe house, and the villain dies in truly stunning fashion thanks to Cyborg. Spoilers incoming for the issue so you've been warned.

Heroes have gathered on the rooftop of the Daily Planet and put out a call to other heroes to come join them as they try and get forces together to fight the equation, but before reinforcements can arrive the equation has already infected a powerful force, the villain known as Giganta. Giganta looms over the rooftop and the heroes attempt to take her down before she can destroy the building, with Black Lightning, Green Arrow, Superman, and Alfred all take turns hitting her with all they've got.

It's enough to knock her down, and Wonder Woman looks to finish the job and take her out completely, but Superman stops her, saying they're infected and that there could still be hope to revert the virus.

(Photo: DC Comics)

At that point, an explosion occurs offscreen, as bloody bits fly everywhere. On the next page, we then see a huge hole blasted through Giganta's head thanks to Cyborg, and it's a panel that is sure to leave an impression as her brain matter is spread out across the ground.

Superman asks why Cyborg did it, and he tells Superman "She wasn't alive. None of them are. We need to talk."

(Photo: DC Comics)

You can check out the spoiler images above.

DCEASED #4 is written by Tom Taylor and drawn by Trevor Hairsine, colored by Rain Beredo, inked by Stefano Gaudiano, and lettered by Saida Temofonte. You can check out the official description of the issue below.

"The Daily Planet has become a beacon of hope for the living as the Anti-Life Equation sweeps the planet. What’s left of the Justice League have begun to gather there, bringing survivors and family alike. But the city is being overrun with infected humans”¦and superhumans! The war for Metropolis begins!"


DCEASED #4 is in comic stores now, and you can check out our full interview with Tom Taylor all about the series in the video above.

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