Danny Elfman Says 'Justice League' Ending Sequence Was His Best Accomplishment For The Film

Danny Elfman's signature style of composing is all over Justice League, but there is one sequence [...]

Danny Elfman's signature style of composing is all over Justice League, but there is one sequence that stands out more than anything for him.

The talented musician had plenty to say about his work on Justice League, including what he considered his most important contribution. It might surprise you just what sequence that turned out to be.

"It was fun," Elfman told DC All Access. "It was a huge puzzle coming into it. It was like a science project, but there's a sequence at the end that really I think was the most fun for me, where it ties all the characters together and you have a moment with each of the characters, and using a single thematic throughline tying it all together was, I felt my best accomplishment for bringing something to the film."

That sequence is quite impressive, but there will be many fans who feel another moment in the movie is where his score shined brightest. During several Batman focused parts in the film, you can distinctly hear the riff from Batman 89, and it elicited some amazing reactions from audiences.

Elfman enjoyed putting those in, but some of it wasn't really purposeful. Rather, that has just become an organic part of any Batman theme.

"Giving fans these things is a great pleasure for them," Elfman said. "Tieing things together is a pleasure for them, it gives like a little bit of a thrill, and when it came to Batman it was kind of easy. We defined two or three moments where we were really doing Batman 89 so to speak, like right out of it, just like fan moments, but then everywhere else it was just that's what Batman's harmonies are, that's what his melody is. I wasn't even consciously trying to evoke Batman 89 at all."

Pretty sure fans are perfectly fine with that being a standard part of Batman's interpretation.

That's also why Wonder Woman's theme showed up early in the moive. At this point, that has become just part of her sound, and hopefully, it sticks around as long as Batman 89 has.

You can find the entire interview in the video above.

Justice League is now in theaters.