DC Introduces Deadly New Batman Villain Duo

Looks like Batman is going to have his work cut out for him in Detective Comics #1014. He's been in a battle with Mr. Freeze over the course of this current story arc. Last issue saw The Caped Crusader don some very sick armor to do battle with his frosty enemy. It wouldn't be the first time that the hero has had to find a way to keep himself warm in a battle with Freeze. But, at the end of the last issue, the villain had all he needed to complete one of his longest-standing goals. One of the commonly known facets of Mr. Freeze is his devotion to his wife Nora. The scientist searches pretty tirelessly for a cure for her terminal illness and will stop at nothing to revive her. It looked like he was one step closer at the end of the previous issue. That would be bad enough, but it looks like Batman might have an even bigger problem on his hands in Detective Comics #1014. *Spoilers ahead for Detective Comics #1014*

After administering an experimental compound to his wife, Freeze sees her finally begin moving around as she asks questions. The lady Fries is not happy that her husband had her frozen in the attempt to stall for time until he could find a cure. Nora tells her husband that she wanted to live life on her terms instead of being tucked away like that. When Victor reveals that he wasn't exactly sure that the treatment would work, his wife becomes even more upset. As a side effect of the treatment, Nora should be wearing a helmet, like the one on Freeze's old costume. But, she actually decides to forgo the headwear so she can actually take a second to breathe.

(Photo: DC Entertainment)

Victor describes all the troubles and tribulations he's had trying to get her back. The two put aside this quarrel to break into WayneTech and steal some of Freeze's old work from his previous employer. Now, Nora actually runs into Bruce Wayne and the two share a small moment of pleasantry as she remembers Wayne supporting the ballet. Her husband quickly reminds her that this man made his research harder before they dash off with the serum in tow. (Freeze has a bit of a jealous streak, eh?)

Next, Nora performs a dance from her days in the ballet before a solitary audience of her husband. The dancer's skin is now blue like Mr. Freeze and the villain is enjoying the show. After that is all over, the two put on matching outfits and unveil themselves to the city as the new Mr. and Mrs. Freeze. If that weren't bad enough, the symbol of doom appears in the night sky above Gotham as they embark to terrorize the unsuspecting populace.


This is DC's Year of the Villain after all, and Lex Luthor has been playing the long game this entire time. The symbol of doom has made appearances all throughout the DC universe in recent weeks as the master plan comes into focus. This is all playing right int Luthor's hands as he has furnished a lot of the villains in each title with new weaponry or other help that will make life hard on the heroes. Next issue, things are primed to get a bit more chilly.