DC Comics Has Perfect Response To Area 51 Raid

There's been plenty of activity around Area 51 and it's surrounding locations, though it's been [...]

There's been plenty of activity around Area 51 and it's surrounding locations, though it's been far from the original 2 million that signed up to come to the Storm Area 51 event. Since that took hold of the news cycle the event was moved and then outright canceled, though a new event sprung up in its place, called Alienstock. That ended up being canceled as well, but that didn't keep others from heading to the area and attempting to explore the area around Area 51 or try and get into the legendary facility. No one's been successful as of yet, and DC Comics recently posted a perfect response to the whole ordeal.

DC took to Twitter to post a picture of Lobo, the Czarnian bounty hunter. They included the Area 51 Storm hashtag and added the caption "Everybody: We're going to see them aliens". They then added the response of the aliens with the caption "Aliens in Area 51:", followed by Lobo's picture.

Now, that doesn't mean you're going to actually find Lobo at Area 51, so better avoid the facility altogether. Still, it's a great response, and you can see the post in full below.

The original event was created by Matty Roberts, and after that was canceled Alienstock was born. In a recent interview though he explained why he decided to pull out of that event. "It's a fantastic relief," Roberts told the Las Vegas Review-Journal. "I've had a lot of concerns leading up to Alienstock. Just to see all those come to a head 11 days before the event is kind of a relief."

After they decided against that event Roberts and producer Frank DiMaggio decided to do a Bud Light Area 51 Celebration instead, with a full alien theme. That was probably the best way to go.

The original event's full title is Storm Area 51: They Can't Stop All of Us and was originally set to take place on September 20th in the Amargosa Valley, but that was eventually switched to Lincoln County in Rachel, Nevada. Rachel is evidently the UFO Capital of the World according to them, and they happen to be located on State Route 375, which has been named the Extraterrestrial Highway.