DC Comics' Dan Jurgens on Why Henry Cavill's Superman Return is "Stunningly Good" for the DCU

Dan Jurgens was one of the main writers and visionaries of the now-classic "Death of Superman" story arc in DC Comics – a story that has been so impactful that its presence is still being felt in the modern-day DC lore. "The Death of Superman" was a clear and present influence on Zack Snyder's DC movies Batman v Superman and Justice League, which adapted its own version of "Death of Superman" featuring Henry Cavill's Superman – black suit and all. 

Of course, the "Snyderverse" version of DC Comics lore has been somewhat divisive within the fanbase. The ComicBook Nation show sat down with Dan Jurgens for "The Death of Superman" 30th Anniversary re-release, and had to ask how he felt about the recent news that Henry Cavill's Superman is returning to the DC Movies Universe! 

"I think it's stunning," Jurgens said about the recent reveals that Henry Cavill's Superman is back in the DCU franchise. In case there's any confusion, he quickly added "And by that I mean: stunningly good."


Jurgens went on to break down why, exactly, he thinks Henry Cavill is the perfect kind of Superman for the movie screen right now: 

"I think Henry Cavill really does this great Superman where he personifies the character. Part of it is, people have always asked me about drawing Superman, and what is entailed in that: One the things I talk about is Superman having a certain sense of presence on the page – that if he's in a room with the Justice League, he should be a figure of attention. He should have almost kind of a sense of nobility about him – but not one that is terribly assuming like he's trying to put on airs. And I think Henry Cavill captures that and is able to portray that onscreen in a natural way so you don't even know he's doing it, it's just there. It works on almost a subliminal level. So I think it's fantastic, and I certainly look forward to seeing a lot more of him in the suit." 

It's hard to get better validation than from one of the most influential Superman (and DC Universe) comic creators of his generation. In addition to "The Death of Superman", Jurgens was also responsible for the classic DC crossover event "Zero Hour", created the character of Booster Gold, and has contributed writer and art to many, many, other DC and Marvel characters and comics. 

"The Death of Superman" 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition will be released on December 20th. You can pre-order it HERE. 

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