DC's Jim Lee Talks Future of 5G

Change is in the air at DC Comics after co-publisher Dan DiDio stepped away from the company. The company’s sole publisher, Jim Lee, gave an update on what’s going to happen with the 5G initiative. This move would have seen the DC Universe get another reboot of sorts and sort events and titles into five separate generations of stories. Even though things would be put into those boxes, it would follow a slow creep that’s been taking place at the company for about 20 years. No story is fluff, everything coexists with each other and things can find their way into other timelines/generations if the individual stories would call for it. Even though the plans are pretty advance, it seems as though DC might be pulling back a little bit. (Via Newsarama)

"It's hard to talk about things we haven't announced. Intention not to do a line-wide reboot," Lee said. "Our focus in talking to editorial team is to continue what we've done best: Character-driven stories, pairing right creators on right characters, and developing characters that are inclusive and diverse."

Comicbook.com’s Russ Burlingame pointed out some of the possibilities for the initiative now that DiDio has parted ways with DC. It seems like they’re pretty far along with the planning, but that doesn’t mean that substantive edits couldn’t be coming to the initiative in the meantime.

Burlingame began, “The 5G plan is already too far into production to fully back out of, even if for whatever reason DiDio's successor wanted to do so. The seeds of the story were already planted in Wonder Woman's recent anniversary issue, which established her as the first superhero of the DC Universe (very much like in the movies). Free Comic Book Day's Generation Zero one-shot is set to much more fully flesh out the plans, with five "generation" one-shots following shortly thereafter.”


“A teaser for the program, released two weeks ago, indicated that "Generation One: Age of Mysteries will witness firsthand major events from throughout the history of the DC universe as seen through the eyes of characters like Wonder Woman, Lucius Fox, Alfred Pennyworth, Green Lantern (Alan Scott), The Spectre (Jim Corrigan), Mister Terrific (Terry Sloane), and others. The series of one-shots will also expose secrets from DC’s history." That story will be followed by one-shots titled Generation Two: Age of the Metahuman, Generation Three: Age of Crisis, Generation Four: Age of Rebirth, and Generation Five: Age of Tomorrow which, if they remain on-schedule, will be published monthly through the end of the year, with "Generation Five" touching off line-wide changes to the DC Universe in 2021.”

So, there’s a lot to still be decided, but it remains clear 5G is likely still happening, but the shape of this move could shift drastically in the meantime.