DC Reveals Lobo's Daughter, Crush

DC Comics is gearing up for quite a few changes this summer -- including the introduction of a new legacy character.

During the company's panel at WonderCon this past weekend, DC unveiled their relaunch for Teen Titans, which adds a mix of fan-favorites and several new characters to the team. Included in that new roster is Crush, a character who is simply being described as the daughter of Lobo. You can check out the character design for Crush, which was done by Jorge Jimenez, below.

Despite being deemed "The Last Czarnian", Lobo has a somewhat unique history with children. This was most notably played with in the 1992 miniseries Lobo: Infanticide, which saw the various illegitimate children of Lobo rise up and attempt to kill him. But Crush certainly appears to be the most notable of Lobo's offspring yet, one whose DC Comics significance will go beyond her infamous father.

The new run of Teen Titans will be written by Supernatural and Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders' Adam Glass, with art from Batman Beyond's Bernard Chang.

This Teen Titans announcement - and is new characters - has certainly taken some fans by surprise, especially after earlier solicitations seemed to hint at the series meeting its end. Following the cancellation of series like Super Sons and Justice League of America, some had worried that both Titans and Teen Titans would be ending following their issues in April. But with the recent announcement that both series will have special one-shot issues, it's clear that both versions of the Titans aren't down for the count just yet.


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Teen Titans #20 will be released this June.