DC Debuts the Biggest and Most Insane Batman Costume Ever

Batman's had quite a few amazing costumes and armors throughout the years, but his latest one just might be his most insane one ever.

Spoilers incoming for Old Lady Harley #5, so if you haven't read the issue yet you've been warned.

Harley Quinn finds herself at odds with the Joker once more, though we aren't sure if he is the man she once loved and then hated. Thing is, the reunion is interrupted by Batman, who hasn't lost his knack for making an entrance. During the issue, Batman needs to call for some backup, but instead of bringing in another hero he insteadactivates the Batcavatron, and good lord it is something to behold.

The Batcavatron is not just Batman armor, oh no. It is gigantic Batman armor that is the Batcave literally brought to robotic life, and it's the size of a mountain. You can see Bruce Wayne (or what's left of him) inside the head for perspective, showing just how monstrous this is. Bruce Wayne basically traded in his armor for a Megazord.

(Photo: DC)

Batman uses his MegaBatZord to rip open the roof of Joker's hideout and to show that Batman's lack of subtleness is complete, he issues an order to the villains to "give yourself up now or be liquefied."

Good luck to Harley and the rest of the crew, because that thing is not going to fall to some bullets and a few rockets.

You can check out Batman's new suit in the image above.

Old Lady Harley #5 is written by Frank Tieri and drawn by Inaki Miranda, and you can check out the official description below:

"Harley's worst nightmare has come true: The Joker is reborn! But is there one more card to turn over? Is the killer behind that smile the man she loved, hated, loved and lost...or something even more deadly and devastating? Harley's future world will be torn apart in this issue—don't miss it!"

Old Lady Harley #5 is in stores now.



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