DC Developing More Elseworlds Movies Like Joker

With the world of DC Films expanding and taking on the idea of the Multiverse with films such as the upcoming The Flash and Matt Reeve's The Batman being confirmed to not be connected to 2017's Justice League, fans have been wondering if the ever-growing world of DC movies will see more Elseworlds type of entries like 2019's Joker which has no connective tissue to any corner of the DCEU. And, during the "Multiverse 101" panel during DC FanDome on Saturday, it was confirmed that there are indeed more Elseworlds films in development.

When asked if there would be more Elseworlds films, specifically about whether there would be a Superman Red Son film, Warner Bros. Pictures President of DC-Based Film Production Walter Hamada explained that there's definitely the possibility for more Elseworlds' films -- just not specifically Red Son.

"The possibility is there. It really comes down to like, that our focus is great stories and so if we come across a filmmaker with an interesting story that doesn't work within our existing timeline and it would work as an Elseworlds we would definitely explore it," Hamada said. "I can say that we're not currently developing Red Son so that isn't one of them, but it really comes down to when the right filmmaker or the right idea comes together. That's the beauty of multiverse is we can explore it; we can go down the road and take a shot at it."

He continued, "What we don't want to do is be in a place like Jim was saying, it should be special. I don't think you want an Elseworlds movie every year like clockwork. It'd be much better for it to be a special thing and we also want them to be great. We want them to be special. I want to make sure that it doesn't just sort of feel like we're just cranking out a volume of different versions of these characters. There has to be a reason for it. And I think it has to be a reason that we're excited about, we think the fans will be excited about. So, yes, the answer is yes, there will be opportunities."

For fans of Joker, there will no doubt be hope that one of those Elseworlds project could be a Joker sequel, though Joker director Todd Phillips has said he'd love to see a Batman film set in the world of his film.


"It's a beautiful Gotham. What I would like to see someone tackle is what Batman looks like from that Gotham," Phillips shared previously. "I'm not saying I'm going to do that. What was interesting to me about the inclusion of Batman in our movie was, 'What kind of Batman does that Gotham make?' That's all I meant by that."

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