Alexandra Daddario Would Love to Work With the Rock on Black Adam

It seems everyone in Hollywood is interested in the prospect of joining a super hero movie, with [...]

It seems everyone in Hollywood is interested in the prospect of joining a super hero movie, with Alexandra Daddario being no exception. The actress who previously teamed up with Dwayne Johnson in Baywatch sounds like she might be into the idea of playing Catwoman which some fans online have been calling for or teaming up with her former lifeguard pal in his upcoming Black Adam movie.

While promoting her upcoming Night Hunter film, Daddario was posed a question about fans rooting for her to be cast as Catwoman. "I actually didn't know that," the actress admitted to ComicBookMovie. "That's cool! Look, of course I would love to join any cinematic universe. I think those roles are really, really cool. I think they do great things for people's careers and it's always fun being in a big movie like that. I don't like to think too much about a role either before I have an audition or it's something that I'm working on. I don't like to get too invested in things I don't have but of course it would be silly of me to say, 'No, that's not something I want to do.' I think that's really cool and thank you to the fans for thinking of me!"

Daddario's answer is one of the most on point from any of those frequently asked such questions these days. Marvel and DC movies seem to pave the way for actors in Hollywood, be it by putting them on the map for the first time or reinventing their already successful careers.

More specifically, Daddario was asked about reuniting with Johnson for DC's Black Adam movie (which they promise is still coming). "Again, of course! It would be silly for me to say no," she says. "I love working with Dwayne, I love his team, and those projects were incredibly fun. I've done big movies a few times and I think it's just so cool. The sets are so cool, I love doing stunts, and I love all that stuff. It's fun and exciting. Of course, that would be great but again, it's hard to think about something you don't have yet if that makes any sense?"

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