DC Multiverse Figure Pre-Orders: Batman Vs Hush 2-Pack and Grifter

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McFarlane Toys has dropped another round of DC Multiverse action figures, and it includes a standalone Hush from the Batman: Hush comics along with Grifter from the Infinite Frontier reboot. However, the main event is the Batman Vs Hush 2-pack, which includes 7-inch scale figures of Batman and Hush along with a cemetery-thmed display and alternate accessories. A breakdown of each of these releases can be found below.

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DC Collector Batman Vs Hush Variant Version 7-Inch Scale Action Figure 2-Pack ($39.99) – Pre-order at Entertainment Earth: / Amazon: Based on the Batman: Hush comic book, the Batman and Hush figures feature up to 22 points of articulation along with two Batarangs, a shovel, and a cemetery themed base. The 2-pack also includes collectible art cards.


DC Multiverse Hush 7-Inch Scale Action Figure ($19.99) – Pre-order at Entertainment Earth / Amazon: The Hush figure features up to 22 points of articulation and comes with tow daggers, a display base, and an art card.

"The bandage-wrapped Hush is perhaps the closest to Bruce Wayne of all Batman's enemies. Young Tommy Elliot was a childhood friend of Wayne, who also grew up in wealth and privilege. However, Tommy soon became deeply jealous and resented Bruce once his parents were tragically killed-seeing Bruce as getting the independence and wealth Tommy so desperately desired. Eventually becoming a surgeon, Tommy's resentment for Bruce continued to fester and grow over the years. When The Riddler discovered that Bruce is really Batman, he approached Dr. Elliot with the secret. But, when the two realized they shared a hatred for Wayne, they joined forces. Wrapping his face in bandages to hide his identity, Elliot manipulated many of Batman's greatest Super-Villains in a grand conspiracy to defeat him-hence, his chosen identity of "Hush.""


DC Multiverse Grifter Infinite Frontier 7-Inch Scale Action Figure ($19.99) – Pre-order at Entertainment Earth / Amazon: The Grifter figure is based on his look in the Infinite Frontier comic book series, and features up to 22 points of articulation along with a dagger, a katana, a base, and an art card.

"A mercenary with a black ops past, Cole "Grifter" Cash has a shot at redemption when he's hired to be the personal bodyguard of billionaire Lucius Fox. Cash is playing a deadly game, however, tangling with Batman and his family as well as the evil Leviathan organization, all while secretly working for a mysterious team known only as the WildC.A.T.s."

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