DC Resurrects SPOILER in the Pages of Detective Comics

Batman has been ramping up his efforts to bring in Mr. Freeze, and Detective Comics #1013 brings [...]

Batman has been ramping up his efforts to bring in Mr. Freeze, and Detective Comics #1013 brings the fateful confrontation even closer. But, before blows get exchanged to end this conflict for once and for all, one surprising character is brought back from the brink. Fans will notice the zany new Bat-Armor that the hero dons to square off with Mr. Freeze in this issue. We are still solidly entrenched in the Year of the Villain, and the frosty bad guy is all too aware of how close he is to achieving one of his biggest goals. *Spoilers for Detective Comics #1013 below*

The end of this issue finds Freeze in his hideout deep in Gotham's Pine Barrens. He stands over machinery and a no-longer frozen Nora Fries. Now, she's not awake, but he's going through every test in the book to try and induce her return. The villain proceeds to does her with a serum both orally and by injection and waits to see if the readings bear out his hopes that this will finally do the trick. His prayers are answered as she sits up and calls out for him.

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What could this possibly mean for Batman, one of his biggest enemies just got what he's been striving for. Fans will note that the cold-based villain has been on the cover of the book at other points in this arc. Year of the Villain or not, that's probably a sign of where things are going by the end of this game of cat and mouse. However, the other person present might complicate things for The Dark Knight heading forward.

As if that wasn't enough danger for one day, Batman has already been put in some wild positions over the course of this arc as Deadshot hijacked a plane with him, Lucius Fox, and some other high-profile businesspeople aboard. Once the hero and his ally find themselves stranded in the jungle with a killer on the loose, it is up to Batman to find his suit and get them out of that mess.

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There is no break for the Caped Crusader, and the Fries family will be waiting for him as he now has to deal with the fallout. You can bet that new fancy suit probably won't be enough to get out of this one. Even more danger is waiting in the wings as the symbol of the Legion of Doom has been hovering above other locations in the DC Universe this week. So, that will probably have to be addressed at some point as well, Lex Luthor didn't just contact all those super-villains to sit on the sideline twiddling his thumbs.