Did DC Just Reveal Red X's Identity?

The Infinite Frontier initiative of DC has introduced some interesting elements into canon, from previously-unseen team ups to long-awaited (or long-forgotten) characters. For Teen Titans Academy, that has involved the canon debut of Red X, the mysterious vigilante mantle that previously originated in the Teen Titans animated series. Throughout the pages of Teen Titans Academy, there's been the lingering question of the true identity of this new incarnation of Red X — and there's a chance that the series' latest issue just gave us the biggest hint yet. Spoilers for Teen Titans Academy #11 from Tim Sheridan, Rafa Sandoval, Jordi Tarragona, Brent Peeples, Alex Sinclair, Matt Herms, and Rob Leigh below! Only look if you want to know!

The issue followed the ongoing conflict at the center of the Teen Titans Academy — that one of its students, Dane, has the power to unleash the Earth-shattering cataclysm known as The Great Unkindness. As the Titans have debated on how to deal with Dane, Red X has adamantly supported him, and has stood in the way of anyone wanting to kill him. At one point during the issue, Red X begins to demonstrate some sort of electromagnetic powers — powers that are awfully similar to the ones displayed by one of the school's newer students, Brick Pettirosso.

(Photo: DC Entertainment)

As fans have been quick to point out, Brick has been largely missing from the events of Teen Titans Academy, outside of establishing his powers in the early issues. He also was seemingly unaccounted for during the Titans' crossover with the Suicide Squad, which seems to further support the theory that he could be the newest incarnation of Red X. After all, the look at Red X without a mask that we saw in the Future State timeline did reveal a young man who looked similar to Brick, but with his hair color obscured in shadow.

Of course, there's the possibility that Brick being Red X could ultimately be a red herring, as Teen Titans Academy has been known to subvert fans' expectations a lot. Still, the idea of Red X potentially being unmasked as Brick could only further the mystery at the center of his character, given that there is so much about him that we still don't know about.

"The awful thing about me is that, if I had my way, you would literally never learn this Red X's true identity!" Teen Titans Academy writer Tim Sheridan previously revealed to GamesRadar. "You'd learn about their motivations and their plans, but you might never learn who's under the mask – because I think that mystery is part of what makes the character so compelling. However, I am well aware of fans' eagerness to have that information revealed and I always say "give the people what (they think) they want!" We've come up with a story that, I believe, will address what fans are looking for and still preserve some of that mystery that I think is so integral to Red X."

Teen Titans Academy #11 is now available wherever comics are sold.