DC Future State Teases Red X's Identity

There have been no shortage of surprising facets of DC's Future State, as the line-wide event has weaved in characters from across the publisher's superhero canon. One of the most unexpected players in the two-month ordeal has been Red X, who -- despite being a fan-favorite character since his debut in the early-2000s Teen Titans cartoon -- had yet to officially appear in DC's comics canon. Future State: Teen Titans has definitely made good use of the character thus far -- and has even begun to hint at his true identity. Spoilers for Future State: Teen Titans #2 by Tim Sheridan, Rafa Sandoval, Julio Ferreira, Alejandro Sanchez and Rob Leigh below! Only look if you want to know!

The issue saw the remaining Teen Titans being forced to fight the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse -- a task that was a sensitive subject for Red X, as he was partially responsible for unleashing the quartet onto Earth. Eventually, the team came up with a possible way to outsmart the Horsemen: distracting them long enough for Raven to be able to absorb their essences, and for Shazam! to then lock her away in the Rock of Eternity.

To make a decent enough distraction, Red X decided to leave behind his now-iconic mask, and call out to the Horsemen to draw their attention. He then utilized the modified H-Dial to summon the spirits of the deceased Titans members, all while Raven was able to pull off her plan. In a few brief panels, readers could see a glimpse of what Red X looked like under the mask -- a young man with dark hair.

future state teen titans 2 red x identity
(Photo: DC Entertainment)

While the issue definitely doesn't reveal Red X's real identity, it provides the first real inkling of what the character looks like as a civilian -- something that has already drummed up theories amongst fans. Some suggest that he's really Damian Wayne, or potentially a future version of the new Batman character Clownhunter. There's really no telling at this point -- but maybe the upcoming Teen Titans Academy series could reveal more.


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