DC Reveals New Oracle

Batgirl is often synonymous with the title Oracle, as Barbara Gordon was at the center of both characters for some time. After the events of The Killing Joke Gordon didn't have the ability to walk, though she showed just how dangerous she still was by becoming Oracle, the main communication relay between all of DC's heroes and hacker extraordinaire. Since then though she has regained the use of her legs and become Batgirl once more through the New 52 and now the Rebirth eras, but this week DC introduced a brand new Oracle to the universe, and it brings a host of questions to the surface.

Spoilers incoming for Batgirl #37, so if you haven't read the issue yet you've been warned.

While this takes place in the pages of Batgirl, Barbara Gordon isn't actually around for the big reveal. That happens thanks to the would-be thievery of three scavengers named Fox, Vulture, and Shark. These three get some intel on a facility in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and after getting in they stumble upon a locked room.

(Photo: DC Comics)

Naturally, they open it and are confronted with a robotic shell hanging from the ceiling. Upon entering the vessel comes to life and asks for a password. The crew attempts to look around the room and guess a few times but they aren't having much luck, and with every wrong guess the figure says they have fewer attempts.

They keep trying, and manage to set off an alarm at one point, but continue to have no luck. The figure is gearing up for a secondary protocol when a small drone flies into the room. This is Luthor's drone we've seen in several other issues this month, and a hologram of Luthor in his new form emerges from the Drone.

He tells the figure hello and says he's there to give her a gift, saying he has the password she's looking for and it's her name. When she asks what her name is, he says "Oracle".

That makes sense, especially with the neon green and purple color scheme, and it remains to be seen how she got here, who put her here, and what she's going to do next.

You can check out the spoiler images above.

Batgirl #37 is written by Cecil Castellucci and drawn by Carmine Di Giandomenico and Paul Pelletier, and you can check out the official description below.

"Eager to prove himself as a guardian for the criminals of Gotham City, Killer Moth has set his sights on taking out one of Gotham's finest heroes"¦Batgirl! Does this insect menace really stand a chance against Batman's smartest ally? Meanwhile, after their daring escape, the Terrible Trio is on the hunt for new ways to cause trouble for Batgirl. Little do they know, Lex Luthor has already beat them to it and is about to bring Batgirl's worst possible nightmare to life! Oracle is back online. And she's angry."


Batgirl #37 is in stores now.