DC's Legends of Tomorrow Heads to the Old West in "Stressed Western" Preview

After rescue attempts that crossed literal time and space, Sara Lance (Caity Lotz) was reunited [...]

After rescue attempts that crossed literal time and space, Sara Lance (Caity Lotz) was reunited with the rest of the Legends in the latest episode of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, but it wasn't just a simple matter of Sara getting off the far-flung planet where she was being held. Sara discovered that she, as she is now, is actually a clone of her original self who died after being attacked by the Amelia Earhart/alien hybrid and was herself merged with an alien as part of Bishop's plan for humanity. While that's a pretty big shift for Sara, now that she's back on the Waverider she's ready to get back to work, and that means heading back to the Wild West in a new preview for "Stressed Western", the upcoming eighth episode of DC's Legends of Tomorrow's sixth season.

The episode, which is set to air on Sunday, June 27, will see the reunited Legends head into the old West to find an alien in the timeline as well as see Sara reveal her new personal changes to the team. The episode will also see Constantine turn to Gary for help in dealing with his lack of magic situation, but perhaps most exciting for Arrowverse fans, "Stressed Western" will not only be directed by Arrow alum David Ramsey but also see the actor portray a character that isn't John Diggle — a character that some fans think could be the real-life historical figure Bass Reeves, the first Black deputy U.S. marshal west of the Mississippi River.

"There was some press that was out there that I'm playing a mystery character on Legends, and from that kind of wording, there was an assumption that because obviously Legends has a time ship, and they go through time and space, fans connected that to the Green Lantern Corps…," Ramsey previously told TV Line. "Also, the last time you saw Diggle, he was on his way to Metropolis and was intercepted by a glowing, green box, so it was a logical step in assuming that…. But on Legends, there's a different character altogether. It's a historic character, a historical Western character."

You can check out the synopsis for "Stressed Western" below.

KEEPING CALM – With everyone finally back together, the Legends find themselves looking to Nate (Nick Zano) to keep everything calm while in the old West on a mission to find an alien. After trying to keep things normal, Sara (Caity Lotz) reveals her secret to Ava (Jes Macallan) and the team, leaving them all shocked. Constantine (Matt Ryan) looks to Gary (Adam Tsekham) who might have answers the answer help to his problem. Spooner (Lisseth Chavez) and Astra (Olivia Swann) are forced to work together despite their clashing personalities which ultimately helps push them to hone their powers. Meanwhile, Zari (Tala Ashe) takes an unusual interest in Behrad's (Shayan Sobhian) personal life. Dominic Purcell also stars. David Ramsey directed the episode written by Matthew Maala.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow airs on Sunday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW. "Stressed Western" is set to premiere on June 27.