Legends of Tomorrow: David Ramsey Reveals His "Mystery" Character

Last fall it was announced that Arrow star David Ramsey would be returning to the Arrowverse not [...]

Last fall it was announced that Arrow star David Ramsey would be returning to the Arrowverse not only to reprise his role as John Diggle/Spartan but to direct several episodes across the shared universe of shows as well as play a "mystery character" on DC's Legends of Tomorrow. At the time, many fans hoped that the mystery character would finally make Diggle the Arrowverse's version of John Stewart/Green Lantern but now with Legends' current season in full swing, we're getting a better idea of things and it turns out Ramsey's character is more of a gunslinger than a ringslinger.

Speaking with TV Line, Ramsey acknowledged why the Green Lantern guesses made sense, but explained that he's actually playing a historical Western character -- one that appears to have nothing to do with that glowing green box from the Arrow finale.

"There was some press that was out there that I'm playing a mystery character on Legends, and from that kind of wording there was an assumption that because obviously Legends has a time ship, and they go through time and space, fans connected that to the Green Lantern Corps…," Ramsey said. "Also, the last time you saw Diggle, he was on his way to Metropolis and was intercepted by a glowing, green box, so it was a logical step in assuming that…. But on Legends, there's a different character altogether. It's a historic character, a historical Western character."

(Photo: The CW, TV Line)

While it's not Green Lantern, fans already have another theory as to who Ramsey is playing. Based on the photo shared by TV Line as well as the description of the character as being a historical figure, many fans think Ramsey could be playing Bass Reeves, the first Black deputy U.S. marshal west of the Mississippi River. While Reeves is a real-life historical figure, many DC fans may already be at least somewhat familiar with him thanks to HBO's Watchmen, as the historical figure is a childhood role model for the character Will Reeves in the limited series.

As for the matter of that glowing green box, fans can expect to find out more about that situation in Ramsey's other four Arrowverse appearances outside of Legends.

"To your other point, which is exploring what has happened to Diggle since encountering that green box, that will be explored in the other episodes – on Batwoman, Flash, Superman & Lois, and Supergirl," Ramsey said. "Whatever was in the box, he refused the invitation of. Let's put it like that. But there are consequences to that."

DC's Legends of Tomorrow airs Sundays at 8/7c on The CW. Ramsey will appear in and direct the upcoming eighth episode of the sixth season, "Stressed Western".