DC's Stargirl: Alex Collins Teases Doctor Mid-Nite, Perspective on The Shade

Last week's episode of DC's Stargirl was a gamechanger. Not only did we discover a lot more about The Shade (Jonathan Cake) and how he really had saved Dr. McNider by pulling him into the shadows rather than killing him as everyone had previously assumed, but any goodwill that revelation may have offered was compromised when it turned out that The Shade had misled Courtney (Brec Bassinger) and Pat (Luke Wilson) about how to trap Eclipso (Nick Tarabay) and the result was Courtney being sent into the darkness herself. From the looks of things in previews for this week's episode, Courtney may just encounter Dr. McNider in the shadows and according to Alex Collins, who plays Dr. McNider/Doctor Mid-Nite having taken over the role from Henry Thomas, which may offer some perspective on The Shade's actions - past and present.

"I think there's a couple of things there. There's Doctor Mid-Nite's relationship with the Shade and then there's Dr. Mid-Nite's larger perspective on things. And Shade kind of teased at it earlier. He says, 'There's a difference between bad and evil,'" Collins told ComicBook.com. "He's never been evil. It's just the perception of evil for the Shade, right? And that is a matter of perspective. History is written by the winners. We know that. And so, Shade, perhaps has a reputation of being bad, because of some of his actions, but they're only one-sided, in terms of the context. And I think because of where I have been for the last period of time, I may have more perspective on the motivations of somebody like Shade."

He added, "It doesn't mean I necessarily fully trust him. He always has an ace up his sleeve, so to speak. He's always got motivations for what he does, but at least I think, Dr. Mid-Nite knows that Shade is not evil. And there is a form of gratitude there, because I probably could have been killed had I not been swift-ed away and put into this sort of albeit undesirable, but a safe place for now."

You can check out the synopsis for "Summer School: Chapter Eleven" below.

"FACING THE DARKNESS -- After a frightening encounter leaves Courtney's (Brec Bassinger) life hanging in the balance, the team band together to determine their next steps. Luke Wilson, Amy Smart, Yvette Monreal, Cameron Gellman, Anjelika Washington, Trae Romano and Meg DeLacy also star. Sheelin Choksey directed the episode written by Paula Sevenbergen & Robbie Hyne."

DC's Stargirl airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW. "Summer School: Chapter Eleven" airs October 19th.