'Death Of Superman' Animated Movie First Look Released

The special features of upcoming DC Universe Animated Original Movie Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay offers a first look at Death of Superman, the newest animated adaptation of the famous 1992 DC Comics storyline that saw the Man of Steel fall in battle against the creature known as Doomsday.

Death of Superman
(Photo: DC Entertainment)

The first half of the two-part movie will release later this year, followed by Reign of the Supermen in 2019.

Warner Bros. Animation first tried their hand at adapting the story in 2007's direct-to-DVD Superman: Doomsday, the inaugural DC Universe Animated Original Movie, under the guiding hands of co-director and producer Bruce Timm.

The latest adaptation will be "more faithful to the source material" and will be "much less condensed" than Doomsday, according to DC Comics, who write Death of Superman will "include many of the fan-favorite moments from the story that were left out of Doomsday."

That film, loosely inspired by Timm's DC Animated Universe, greatly condensed the Death and Return of Superman storyline that ran between December 1992 and October 1993 in DC Comics, throughout titles like Superman, Adventures of Superman, Justice League America and Action Comics.

The second part of the two-part adaptation, Reign of the Supermen, is likely to see Superman's resurrection after his absence gives rise to Superboy, Steel, the Last Son of Krypton and the villainous Cyborg Superman.

Warner Bros. Animation has yet to announce a voice cast or release date for Death of Superman, but the animated original will premiere on Digital HD, Ultra HD 4K and Blu-ray later this year.


When a hulking monster emerges from an underground resting place and begins a mindless rampage, the Justice League is quickly called in to stop the colossal force of nature. But it soon becomes apparent that only Superman can stand against the monstrosity that has been nicknamed Doomsday. Battling their way throughout America, the two fight to a standstill as they reach the heart of Metropolis. Going punch for punch, Superman finally ends the threat of Doomsday as he throws one last punch and collapses forever.

Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay, starring Tara Strong as Harley Quinn and Christian Slater as Deadshot, is available to own on digital platforms March 27, and hits 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD April 10.