Deathstroke Joe Manganiello Poses With Would-Be Robin Anna Kendrick

The Bat Family is definitely ready to bring down Deathstroke. Earlier this summer, Ben Affleck [...]

The Bat Family is definitely ready to bring down Deathstroke. Earlier this summer, Ben Affleck confirmed the DC Comics baddie would star in his solo Batman flick after he dropped footage of the mercenary online. Then, Anna Kendrick joked around with Affleck and pitching herself to play Robin in his Batman flick - but she might have been more serious than we thought. The actress just appeared in a photo with Deathstroke's Joe Manganiello that apparently pits the the villain against Gotham's most famous sidekick.

Taking to Instagram, Manganiello uploaded a picture of Kendrick and him posing back-to-back. The pair are seen with their arms crossed, and Manganiello's towering frame overshadows the actress' petite stature. However, Kendrick looks composed as ever in the face of Batman's nemesis.

The picture was uploaded with a short description which simply reads, "Deathstroke and Robin." Of course, the two look a bit too buddy-buddy to adequately depict the animosity that exists between the characters. Robin would be more likely to punch Deathstroke than turn his back to the villain, but perhaps Kendrick knows something that we don't about the bad blood between them.

If you're unsure why Manganiello posted the photo and referred to Kendrick as Robin, then you likely missed the MTV After Hours interview with the actress. Both Affleck and Kendrick were interviewed to promote their film The Accountant, and the actress did a skit where she tried to convince Affleck to cast her as Robin. While the director was coy about hiring the award-winning actress, fans are now rallying behind the actress and saying Kendrick would be an interesting choice to play the Boy - no, Girl Wonder.

Manganiello's photo has only fortified those fans and their wish to see an actress take on Robin's role. If DC Entertainment were so inclined, they could hire Kendrick to play Stephanie Brown, a heroine who briefly acted as Robin before taking up Batgirl's moniker. Of course, the actress could also play a strictly gender-bent version of Robin if the powers at be so commanded. Adding Kendrick into the DC Extended Universe would bring some much-wanted female representation to the film franchise, and the actress has openly admitted she's into superhero flicks.

Most notably, the actress indicated her interest in playing Marvel's Squirrel Girl. Kendrick first pitched the idea earlier this year before director Edgar Wright gave his support to the idea. Recently, the Russo Brothers even blessed the actress and her involvement with the fan-favorite character. "It would be perfect casting, and we're huge Anna Kendrick fans," they told Yahoo! Movies.

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If Robin is totally out of the question, there are other roles for Kendrick to pursue. The most obvious casting would be as Barbara Gordon, the daughter of Commissioner Jim Gordon. In the comics, Barbara is a key ally to Batman after becoming a vigilante known as Batgirl. The heroine debuted in 1967 and eventually became a mainstay figure in the late-1970s. The character has also operated under the moniker of Oracle following a run-in with The Joker which leaves her paralyzed. Barbara chose to hang up her suit and use her computer skills to become an information broker and hacker for the Bat Family.

Of course, fans already know that J.K. Simmons will play Commissioner Gordon in Justice League and will reprise his role for the solo Batman film. It wouldn't be that surprising to see Barbara join the DCEU at some point, and it looks like Kendrick is definitely interested in adding a superhero role to her resume.

What do you think? Would you want to see Kendrick play Robin, The 'Girl' Wonder? Which DC Comics characters would you want to see the actress take on? Let us know in the comments below!

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