Did Harley Quinn Season 4 Just Kill SPOILER?

Harley Quinn Season 4, Episode 5 ends with a shocking death.

The fifth episode of Harley Quinn's new season, "Getting Ice Dick, Don't Wait Up," sees Harley Quinn struggling to connect with the Bat-Family. Harley attempts to bond with Batgirl, Nightwing, and Robin in various ways, but she can't get them to like her in the same way as her old villainous crew. Despite making friendship bracelets and getting Lasik surgery to improve her night vision, Harley doesn't appear to be fitting in with the good guys. When Batgirl goes missing, Nightwing opts to look for her without Harley, so Harley enlists Batgirl's roommate to follow a lead into the mountains. They find Batgirl safe, but someone else close to them appears to have died in the process. Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

Harley and Batgirl sit by the fire out in the cold while Harley commiserates about not fitting in with the Bat-Family. That's when she sees Nightwing up in a tree, and much to her delight, he's wearing one of her friendship bracelets. However, Nightwing soon falls to the ground, and he appears to be dead. While anything is possible in the world of comic books, things aren't looking good for the hero, who is voiced by What We Do in the Shadows star, Harvey Guillén. Considering Harley has been sleepwalking and potentially "suppressing her villain side," there's a chance Nightwing's death could be on her hands. With a cliffhanger like that, we're going to need the sixth episode to drop ASAP. 

Will Harley Quinn Get a Season 5?

In a recent interview with InverseHarley Quinn supervising producer Cecilia Aranovich Hamilton and co-producer Ian Hamilton hinted that Harley Quinn has yet to be greenlit for a fifth season. However, they are hoping that DC Studios co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran will renew the show.

"Well, we don't really know at this point," Cecilia explained. "Nothing has been communicated directly to us. As far as we know, he likes the show. You know, he was in it. [laughs] So we assume he's a fan of the show. We don't know exactly where we're going to go from here... We hope that Season 4 is successful and the fans really like it and James Gunn likes it and we can continue exploring this universe, but this is all we know so far. We hope there's a Season 5 where we can take them to new places and we can they can explore new areas in their relationship."

"This season really does a lot to flesh out the entire universe," Ian added. "By the end of the season, you don't know where they're going to go just because we fleshed out the Harley Quinn-specific DC universe so much over the course of this season. You really could go anywhere."

The first five episodes of Harley Quinn's fourth season are streaming on Max.