Harley Quinn Producers Unsure About Season 5 as James Gunn's DCU Plans Come Together

The Max show's fate is uncertain amid new DCU changes.

Season 4 of Harley Quinn recently made its premiere on Max, continuing the unconventional journey of the DC character. It's pretty safe to say that fans are excited to see Harley's solo adventure continue in some capacity — but we might have to wait to hear news about a potential fifth season. In a recent interview with Inverse, Harley Quinn supervising producer Cecilia Aranovich Hamilton and co-producer Ian Hamilton hinted that Harley Quinn has yet to be greenlit for a fifth season, but they hope that DC Studios co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran possibly renew the show.

"Well, we don't really know at this point," Cecilia explained. "Nothing has been communicated directly to us. As far as we know, he likes the show. You know, he was in it. [laughs] So we assume he's a fan of the show. We don't know exactly where we're going to go from here... We hope that Season 4 is successful and the fans really like it and James Gunn likes it and we can continue exploring this universe, but this is all we know so far. We hope there's a Season 5 where we can take them to new places and we can they can explore new areas in their relationship."

"This season really does a lot to flesh out the entire universe," Ian added. "By the end of the season, you don't know where they're going to go just because we fleshed out the Harley Quinn-specific DC universe so much over the course of this season. You really could go anywhere."

Who Is Showrunning Harley Quinn Season 4?

Workaholics and Nathan For You alum Sarah Peters, who has written on Harley Quinn and served as a consulting producer, will now be showrunning Season 4, with series creators Patrick Schumacker and Justin Halpern stepping back from that role.

"Sarah writes Ivy like no one else, and Season 4 will explore Ivy more than we have," Schumacker previously told Variety about Harley Quinn season 4. "There's her new role with the Legion of Doom. There's something Justin and I would not have immediately gone toward – I'm trying not to spoil anything – but she did an amazing job. Obviously, the show has benefited greatly from so many different female perspectives amongst the writers, and Sarah has always been very key. She's written some of the most memorable, enduring episodes. She's the one who brought Catwoman into the fold, she's the one who wrote the Season 2 finale where Harley and Ivy go driving off from Ivy's intended wedding [with Kite Man], the bachelorette episode on Themyscira, our Season 3 premiere. Her grasp of Ivy and her ideas are things we certainly would never think of, and I'm really excited for people to get to see that."

Is There a Harley Quinn Spinoff?

In recent years, it has been confirmed that the Harley Quinn team is developing a spinoff series, centered around the breakout character of Kite Man (Matt Oberg). The series is now being referred to as Kite Man: Hell Yeah!

"It's run by Dean Lorey, who we did the first three seasons with, and he partners with Katie Rich, an amazing comedy writer," Halpern revealed in an interview earlier this year. "The Kite Man series is gonna hit some of the same vibes that the special does. It gets out there. It goes for it. They've done such a good job of making Kite Man and Golden Glider lovable doofuses. Pat and I pitched Harley as 'It's Mary Tyler Moore with a psycho killer at the front.' But we've always talked about the Kite Man show as CheersCheers, but for B-list supervillains." 

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As mentioned above, new episodes of Season 4 of Harley Quinn debut every Thursday on Max.